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Morningside cheeses await legal verdict

David E. Gumpert from The Complete Patient blog with the latest on the case of Morningland Dairy vs the food police:

“Suppose the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and its various local ag and public health minions had to show detailed laboratory evidence before declaring food contaminated.

Suppose the authorities needed to demonstrate that the bacteria being labeled as unfit for human consumption really were.

And suppose the presence of certain bacteria couldn’t automatically be equated with “adulteration” of food. Continue reading

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Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt and the right to “eat what we want”

From a recent story about raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt on The Waldorf News site, WaldorfTeachers.com:

Picture via Waldorf Teachers.com

“Michael Schmidt talked with us during a regional biodynmamic conference in January [in Wisconsin]. He told us about his raw milk campaign and shared the recently released documentary about his work entitled “Milk War.”

Michael Schmidt’s grandfather was part of the Agriculture course with Rudolf Steiner in 1924, his family fled their ancestral biodynamic farm in Germany in the middle of the night from occupying Russian troops at the end of World War II, and he has fought tirelessly for the rights of farmers and consumers in Ontario for the better part of a generation. Continue reading


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Speak up on GMO testing bill C-474

Urgent ag news from Hella Delicious:

Bill C-474 is a private members bill that, if passed, will require market impact assessment of any new GMO crop sold in Canada. It will be debated for the third and final time on Feb 8 and the vote will be held on Feb.9. Please write letters to and encourage your friends to also write to let Parliament know how you feel about this. More info about the Bill is posted at www.cban.ca.

Here is a sample letter you can copy and paste into your email program to send to your own MP and also to key decision-makers in the Liberal Party (they are sitting on the fence). For your information, here is the list of MPs. You can find your own MP by entering your postal code….”

Full details and sample letter on Hella’s blog.

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