Focus on raw milk — Q&A from “Milk War” movie debut in Vancouver B.C.

Hella Delicious reports on the Vancouver debut of the “Milk War” movie:

Director Declan O'Driscoll and farmer Alice Jongerden. Click image to go to Hella D. blog for video.

“Excerpts from the Question and Answer session with Alice Jongerden and Declan O’Driscoll after the screening of Milk War in Vancouver, BC. Gives the history of the pasteurisation laws in Canada, some of the differences between BC and Ontario, how Home on the Range cowshare got started and why Alice can’t milk the cows at present.

In BC raw milk has been declared a hazardous substance without looking at all the facts. Given the increase in food-borne illness (and deaths) in the industrial agriculture food system targeting small scale local community dairies is irrational and unnecessary….”

Go to Hella Delicious blog to watch a short video with excerpts from the question and answer session following the screening in Vancouver last Sunday.

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