Australian suppliers of raw milk as “bath milk” recently fined $53,000



“Australian food authorities are determined to stamp out the sale of raw milk and raw-milk products, claiming it is a highly dangerous and illegal practice.

Though selling unpasteurised milk and cheese for human consumption is illegal, it is still available to buy under names like “bath milk” in certain health-food shops and markets.

According to the Sun Herald, and some raw-milk aficionados have exploited this apparent loophole, buying “bath milk” for drinking, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

But Primary Industries Minister Steve Whan said companies selling raw-milk products were putting lives at risk.

“There is sound scientific evidence pointing to the risks associated with consuming raw milk,” he said.

Medical microbiologist Vitali Sintchenko, of Westmead Hospital, said there were sound reasons why selling raw milk was banned….”

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“A man found guilty of 43 charges relating to breaches of the Food Act has been fined $53,000 for various offences relating to the sale of unpasteurised milk and unpasteurised dairy products.

Primary Industries minister Steve Whan said the court found that the defendant “in a display of deceptive and deceitful conduct, sold unpasteurised dairy products that were deliberately mislabelled and camouflaged as cosmetic products when the intention was they be used for human consumption”.

“In conducting his business, the defendant placed the health and safety of his customers at significant risk,” Mr Whan said in a media release.

“There is sound scientific evidence pointing to the risks associated with consuming raw milk. To ensure that cow’s milk and cow’s milk products sold in NSW are safe they go through the NSW Food Authority’s stringent food safety management programs, which includes pasteurisation.”

Mr Whan said the issue of the sale of unpasteurised milk products in NSW was a divisive one amongst the some sectors of the dairy industry and advocate groups, but the NSW Government “made no apologies for giving paramount consideration to the public interest and the need to protect public health”.

In sentencing, Chief Industrial Magistrate GJT Hart said the evidence provided suggested the defendant had no scientific, medical or other qualification or expertise in the field…..”

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Lead picture from this site.

Some information from that same website, under the heading of “Business Opportunity”:

Raw Milk Factory (Aphrodite Dairy)

Aphrodite Dairy has attracted much media attention over the past year in opening up the raw milk debate. It is expected that raw milk legislation will change. However, Aphrodite is firmly established in the raw milk business. There is a great opportunity for an enthusiastic entrepreneurial person to continue to grow Aphrodite Dairy.

Aphrodite milk is sold at a premium price which reflects the demand.

Aphrodite has established distributorship within Melbourne and because of the demand from Sydney it is likely that a distributor will be appointed in the next few months.
organic certified milk factory is now available for lease which is equipped to do various dairy products.

The factory is licensed with Dairy Food Safe Victoria and has been organically certified for the past 10 years.

There is an opportunity for retail shop/ farm gate/tourism attached to the factory.

Milk supply arrangements can be made with the owners to supply an agreed amount of milk on a year round basis. The farm has produced premium milk since 1949.

The factory is geographically located 3.5 hours from Melbourne and 8 hours to Sydney….”

News clipping from the Aphrodite website. Click to read full size.


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13 responses to “Australian suppliers of raw milk as “bath milk” recently fined $53,000

  1. This is very interesting news. And we are surprised to find that Australian’s are given a hard time about raw milk. We know they want raw milk. What an Australian not being able to be close to nature or being natural? Absurd. The people in media and PR can have a feast with this one! This is a time for Crocodile Dundee………. And more like him.

    The #1 Franchise in Australia is a Milkman delivery company. Let’s see if they are real milkmen and will come to the plate now. See Aussie Farmer’s Direct. Milk and bread and MORE, they say, they do.I think this is a time for Mark McAfee and his kilt to lead the march there. If you are ready, we will be there too. The Real deal Milkmen in this country. Mike Schmidt will also be there I am sure. I wish I could see the look on their faces now. I am ready to go. Things are heating up here to on the east coast, USA. More reports to come from The Milkman Company and David Gumpert, I am sure.

    The American Dairy Association had and still does, we think, have one of the most successful ad campaigns with their Mustache Milk commercials and advertising. It is time we call our boys in New York to come out with better. Something we can wear and run into battle with. The kilt and bagpipes are not a bad idea to start with. Mark McAfee, let’s go! We are ready. I am ready to go as soon as my back heals from falling of the roof, while shoveling snow from it. Connecticut was hit harder than usual this winter, you know (good for the real milk anyway). This ain’t Canada where Mike Schmidt is from and they know how to deal with snow over 3 feet or more on the ground and up in the air.

    Hey Aussie Fresh Direct, where are you now? March to the beat.

    Hey if Australia will not put up the fight, I am sure that more than a million Indians from India will do so. I was in another Indian restaurant last night, friends of mine. They have these Cow Parade model statue cows on display as you walk in their door. why? India loves cows. They love raw milk. And millions there drink it every day. It is Ghandi time now. And you saw what happened on the Amistad, right?

    The Milkmen will be at TEDx Manhattan (NYC) this week. Tedx Manhattan “CHANGING THE WAY WE EAT” will take place February 12, 2011, in New York City. The one day event will highlight several aspects of the sustainable food movement and the work being done to shift our food system from industrially-based agriculture to one in which healthy, nutritious food is accessible to all. Speakers with various backgrounds in food and farming will share their insights and expertise. Relevant clips from the TED conference will be shown. The highlight of all TED and TEDx events is ample time given for attendees to meet each other and look for new synergies and new ideas to help bolster the sustainable food movement.

    The TEDx process is a little unique in that the audience is oftentimes hand selected, just as the speakers are. With TEDxManhattan, they are looking or have already looked for and found individuals with different backgrounds in the food and farming movement, including farmers, chefs, researchers, academicians, activists, artists/creatives, health professionals, educational professionals, foodies and TEDsters. This was being done in an effort to bring different groups of people working on the same issue together to learn what each other are doing and to help create a new partnership and collaborations. Because the event can accommodate a maximum of 250 people, chances are not everyone who wishes to attend will be able to. In order to allow everyone the opportunity to experience TEDxManhattan, the TEDx organization will webcast the show and hold viewing parties around the country.If you want to watch the event from the privacy of your own home, you will be able to watch the full webcast live while the event is happening.

    TEDxManhattan “Changing the Way We Eat” is being brought to you bt TEDsters and Glynwood Institute co-founder Diane Hatz. The lead sponsor is The Glynwood Institute for Sustainable Food and Farming in New York State. Visit their page.

    The Milkman Company and Ed Hartz will be at this event and hopes to meet with raw milkmen there and others with similar interests. If you are interested to connect or collaborate with me, Ed Hartz, or have any questions or concerns, then please write me at The Milkman Company:

    Thank you. I think I will take that milk bath now for my back while sipping on some hot cocoa raw milk in my jacuzzi.

    Ed Hartz
    The Milkman Company &
    Milkmen USA

    • nedlud

      Drinking raw milk definitely leads to the development of strong bones, and in particular, one should cherish a strong backbone.
      Without a stong backbone (moral courage), the mind/body grows ever weaker and more susceptible to evil propaganda.
      Great rant by Ed Hartz.
      It is definitely way past time to: Stand up people, against fascism!
      Fascism in all its malevolent and diseased forms.
      I am a friend to anyone who is against our current fascist government/’pseudo-scientific’ control system.
      And if you support that system, I am your enemy.


  2. Thanks for your comments there nedlud. Guess the raw milk I drink helped me from breaking my back on the icy roof the other day.

    I can guarantee that those who are socialist/fascist would not be able to stand alone in a room or anywhere alone with us. Nevertheless, I will resort to a more peaceful way to disarm them according to Ghandi like ways and as Mike Schmidt does so well.

    Ed Hartz
    & Milkmen USA

    • nedlud

      Well, Ed, maybe I’m just lucky but I’ve never broken a bone in my life that I know of, though I’ve been in many falls and accidents, some pretty serious. When I was a kid, I drank pasteurized milk, but since the age of about 18, it’s only been raw milk for me. I do think too, even pasteurized milk was better back in the ’60’s when all the dairy farmers were smaller, far greater in number, and more natural in the farming methods. There was no such thing as Bgh and GMO. As some may know, I tried to be a farmer with the ‘organic’ label, but I would not vouch for organic anymore either. It’s local and it’s raw, from your own cow or from a farmer you know and can believe in and support….that’s the only to go…and if you must pasteurize it, do it at home with your own pasteurizer.

      Support small independent and true farmers with backbone, everybody.

      Thanks Ed, thanks everybody.


  3. meanwhile, just across the strait, REAL MILK is perfectly legal for sale in New Zealand … 5 quarts per day, per person, at the farm in accordance with their Food Act
    New Zealand is the pre-eminent dairying nation on the planet. A committee of the NZ legislature spent the last year, considering how to make raw milk MORE available. What is it that their farmers, and governors, know about it, that Magistrate Hart in Oz, and the over-educated idiots atop so-called “health authorities in Ham-merica, cannot figure out?

    • thebovine

      Well NZ and Australia are quite culturally different, a bit like Canada and the States, although the raw milk divide plays out differently down there. Ron Hull, one of Michael Schmidt’s expert witnesses at the trial in 2009 said that NZ accounted for 32% of the world’s dairy exports and that New Zealand dairymen were quietly converting their herd genetics to A2 A2. I’d say those Kiwis are smart people.

  4. Thanks nedlud. And if you ever need someone with a pitch fork to stand at your door, call me. I will be there. I love civil rights, I love this country, our families, and a good pitch fork too. It is time to hold the line and push back. Cut them off. let then get real jobs and work for a living. Paper pushers have their place but not in social injustice or civil disorder and misconduct.

    Ed Hartz
    Milkmen USA

    • nedlud

      And thanks again.

      I’ll tell you what: I like that picture of Michael Schmidt from The Nelson Daily in a post above this. He looks a little ‘pissed off’. I’ve been mighty pissed off about things for quite some time now. I think this is the attitude we must have. What is happening is no joke, it is not something that will go away without us making it go away….

      …I certainly praise sites like the Bovine for helping us get this message across.

  5. We agree. All talk and no action is what I see. You will soon see some real action from Milkmen USA.

    Milkmen USA
    Ed Hartz

  6. Victor

    If the government really gave a damn about our health and safety, they would remove and band all pesticides and herbecides, food additives and preservatives and the fact that calcium cannot be absorb in an acidic environment. They would really educate thd public and not help the big companies. Up yours government. Learn to really protect us, not brainwash us.

    • Jamie

      Victor its called political and regulative capture…. the people no longer run Government, Industry does! it is our duty “the people” to take back the power! as consumers we have the power to get the power back if you know what I mean… we consume decides who gets the power! and who does not, consuming correctly is one crucial method of weakening industry…..we want raw milk and they don’t supply it so I don’t see any reason why to purchase there product nor should anyone else, the more people that think like this the less power industry will have. same goes for safer medicine, more natural cosmetic products, organics instead of toxic less nutritious versions of the same products. I’m sure you get my drift….it is a war fought on many fronts and it is actually really starting to heat up allot!

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  8. bernard

    This is crazy! Since when milk “NEED” to be boiled before consumption.

    Have you ever seen mother-cow boiled her milk before giving them to her calf???

    Have you ever seen human-mother boiled her breast milk before giving them to her babies?

    Milk are meant to be drunk raw!

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