O’Driscoll’s “Milk War” opens FLIKS film festival in Nelson B.C. with tales of raw milk and farmer Michael Schmidt

From The Nelson Daily:

Canada Free Press photo of raw milk renegade Michael Schmidt, via The Nelson Daily

“FLIKS (Film Lovers In the KootneayS) opens the Canadian FLIKS Festival on Friday, Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. with one of three films in the festival produced by local filmmakers.

Milk War
, a documentary produced by former Nelsonite and theatre personality Declan O’Driscoll,  tells the story of dairy farmer Michael Schmidt whose small farm north of Toronto was raided by 20 armed officers. They weren’t looking for drugs or guns. They were there for the milk — raw milk.

Since the early 1990s Schmidt had been using rigid biodynamic agriculture methods to produce and sell unpasturised milk (a federal offense since 1991).

Schmidt’s cooperative venture called “cow sharing” has enthusiastic customers buy shares in a cow, and their dividends are paid out in the form of raw, organic, unpasturised milk.

Supporters say Schmidt’s biodynamic agriculture methods produce a healthier, superior product that is just as safe as its heated counterpart, pasteurized milk.

Schmidt’s arrest set off a public debate on the power of the $12-billion dairy industry, the challenges facing small farmers, and the growing public unease about how our food is processed….”

Read the whole story here.

And here’s an excerpt from another story on FLIKS, also from the Nelson Daily:

“This weekend the Canadian FLIKS Festival showcases some fine local fare along with some of the big hitters in the biz at the Capitol Theatre.

The festival is a mix of six films — documentary, drama and comedy — spanning issues of family dynamics, finding purpose in life, love and work, food ethics, and the choices we make under adversity.

The festival opens Friday, Feb 11 at 7 p.m., with former Nelsonite and local theatre personality Declan O’Driscoll back in town with his entertaining Milk War, an in-depth documentary on the raw milk controversy — featuring the arrest and trial of Ontario raw milk farmer Mike Schmidt.

Join O’Driscoll and Jon Steinman of CJLY’s Deconstructing Dinner for a question and answer after the film.

Trail’s Soren Johnstone and Nelson’s Michael Babiarz will attend with their hard-hitting Play with Fire at 9 p.m. on Friday.

An award winning, no-budget 18+ gritty and visceral Indie drama that illuminates the violent and drug addled underbelly of youth trapped in a mill town, Play with Fire features Trail’s smelter looming in virtually every beautiful shot.

Saturday, Feb. 12 at 1 p.m. is Shine of Rainbows from Canada’s premier cinematographer-director Vic Sarin (Partition, 2008)….”

Read all of that story here.

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  1. Jack

    So… how do see the movie? Are they selling DVDs? Youtube?

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