“Super-bug” chicken with antibiotic-resistant bacteria could be even more dangerous than raw milk “cooties”

From CBC News:

“Chicken bought at major supermarkets across Canada is frequently contaminated with superbugs — bacteria that many antibiotics cannot kill — an investigation by CBC TV’s Marketplace has found.

Marketplace researchers — along with their colleagues at Radio-Canada’s food show L’Epicerie — bought 100 samples of chicken from major grocery chains in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

The chicken included some of the most familiar label names in the poultry business.

The 100 samples were sent to a lab for analysis. Two-thirds of the chicken samples had bacteria. That in itself is not unusual — E. coli, salmonella and campylobacter are often present in raw chicken.

What was surprising was that all of the bacteria uncovered during the Marketplace sampling were resistant to at least one antibiotic. Some of the bacteria found were resistant to six, seven or even eight different types of antibiotics.

“This is the most worrisome study I’ve seen of its kind,” said Rick Smith, the head of Environmental Defence, a consumer advocacy group.


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5 responses to ““Super-bug” chicken with antibiotic-resistant bacteria could be even more dangerous than raw milk “cooties”

  1. cheryl

    So, let’s see…Raw milk with no bacteria, fungus, or superbugs is dangerous but raw chicken with all of the above, salmonella, E. coli, salmonella and campylobacter is NORMAL, EASILY PURCHASED AND NOT BANNED?
    Well, it’s very obvious that the public’s health is not an issue in the ban of raw milk.
    The chicken not being recalled, having no warnings, and no pitched battle about the safety of it being sold on the open market, proves that.
    And the chicken has bacteria that are resistant to up to 6 different antibiotics.
    Smart, real smart.
    Doesn’t seem to matter what source the chicken comes from or where it’s sold.
    But raw milk is a major problem, or so the “authorities” would have the world believe.

  2. Monique's sister

    I guess this shows the power and influence of food producers. Dairy producers are making money without raw milk and poultry producers don’t need to be transparent about their products(?).
    Walter’s dad has a point about cooking the chicken. What the actual risk/effect on people who consume this so-called contaminated chicken?

  3. miguel

    Maybe people shouldn’t be allowed to sell or buy raw chicken.Who knows,some of them might eat it raw.

  4. cheryl

    You don’t have to eat raw chicken to have problems, according to the authorities. Cross contamination from raw chicken to things, other foods can occur in the kitchen during preparation and storage. That point has been pushed ever since they discovered that raw chicken could have salmonella.Same with the eggs, eggs get infected from the chickens that lay them.
    It’s amazing how nonchalant they are about superbugs on raw chicken but totally freak out at the mention of somebody drinking raw milk!
    Talk about your double standards!
    It all depends on what they want you to believe and when.
    Nobody eats Steak Tartar, or a rare steak anymore, all the warnings took hold a long time ago. Meat must be well cooked to be safe, hardly a thought as to why, it’s just accepted as part of kitchen safety.
    No raw eggs, not even soft boiled eggs or over easy these days, the public is well trained.
    And the horror suffered by anyone biting into fried chicken and finding blood or flesh that wasn’t totally cooked, well going ballistic would best describe it.
    A well trained public that accepts without question that it’s our responsibility to thoroughly cook meat and poultry because it is contaminated is proof a successful campaign of brainwashing!
    It’s cheaper because this way the producers don’t have to work to eliminate the source of the salmonella or whatever, it’s not their responsibility now.
    Double standards, only those things the Powers That Be declare safe are safe and anything they don’t condone is unsafe and must be regulated to death.

    Good citizens believe what they are told and never question.
    Good citizens do as they are told without question or pause.
    Good citizens will fight vigorously anyone who contradicts what the PTB say.
    I’m not a good citizen!

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