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Freedom of assembly victory in Ontario

This same Canadian Constitution Foundation is handling Michael Schmidt’s defense of the crown’s appeal of his 2010 acquittal on raw milk charges. See banner on right column for details on how to donate:

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Fighting back against privatization of “the commons” — in this case, water

Tara Lohan, writing for Alter-Net on “Vision: How Small, Mostly Conservative Towns Have Found the Trick to Defeating Corporations“:

Picture via Alter-Net

“California’s treasurer just announced that the state may need to begin issuing IOUs if the governor and legislature can’t close the budget gap. And California’s not the only place that’s hurting. The Great Recession, hit not only businesses and individuals, but governments as well. The National Conference of State Legislatures estimated that 31 states are facing a combined shortfall for fiscal year 2011 of nearly $60 billion.

So, what’s being done? “Cities and states across the nation are selling and leasing everything from airports to zoos — a fire sale that could help plug budget holes now but worsen their financial woes over the long run,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “California is looking to shed state office buildings. Milwaukee has proposed selling its water supply; in Chicago and New Haven, Conn., its parking meters. In Louisiana and Georgia, airports are up for grabs.” Continue reading

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