Freedom of assembly victory in Ontario

This same Canadian Constitution Foundation is handling Michael Schmidt’s defense of the crown’s appeal of his 2010 acquittal on raw milk charges. See banner on right column for details on how to donate:

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  1. thebovine

    Toronto Star coverage of the story:–hosts-of-liberty-fest-freed-from-charges

    “….The municipality of Clarington persisted with the prosecution after the Star and other news outlets highlighted the case, and a local lawyer hired by the family challenged the charges, Peter Jaworski said.

    But Clarington recently agreed to drop the charges after the Calgary-based Canadian Constitution Foundation filed, on the couple’s behalf, a constitutional challenge arguing the municipality was breaching their Charter right to freedom of peaceful assembly.

    “If this section of the Charter applies to anything, it surely applies to a gathering where people are gathering to talk about liberty,” said Karen Selick, a lawyer at the foundation.

    Clarington solicitor Andy Allison declined to go into details of the decision, except to say the foundation “raised some genuine issues in the constitutional context and also, in light of the fact this was not a commercial event, a decision was made not to proceed.””

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