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Raw cheese maker = “bacteria farmer”

From Jeanne Carpenter at the Cheese Underground:

“At a conference last week discussing how to differentiate Wisconsin cheese through “taste of place” (the U.S. version of French “terroir”), I heard quite possibly the best description that could ever be given to a cheesemaker.

Bacteria farmer.

The title rolled off the tongue of Ivan Larcher, a French cheesemaker and consultant, who via Skype from France, provided a 45-minute talk encouraging raw milk cheesemakers interested in crafting cheeses that reflect the flavors of their farms to also start cultivating their own starter cultures. Continue reading

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Ungraded egg crackdown raises public health concerns in Toronto Canada

Robert Cribb at the Toronto Star:

“Tens of thousands of illegal eggs — some covered in fecal matter and feathers — have emerged in a crackdown on GTA food retailers and wholesalers, prompting public health concerns and pending charges against nine companies so far.

The investigation, led by Toronto Public Health, York Region and the provincial natural resources ministry, discovered ungraded eggs “in very bad shape” across the region. In Toronto, at least six food establishments have charges pending:…” Continue reading

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