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Alberta raw milk case with Judith and Eric resumes Feb. 23rd, in Edmonton

February 23rd at 9:00 a.m. in Room 267 Judith Johnson and Eric Pudlo, farmers for a cow share, will be appearing before criminal court and the Court of Queens Bench regarding the sale of raw milk.

Approximate time in court 9:00 a.m. to 12:00.  It could go longer depending on a few factors that have not been determined yet.  Come whenever and however long you can make it.  Michael said that we just need to make a strong appearance of support by showing up.  People come and go from the court room constantly so don’t worry about interrupting.

Alberta Health’s goal, according to their lawyer, is that Judith and Eric cease and desist milking the cows of the cow share members.  The government does not acknowledge cow shares in Alberta.  The lawyer stated that if they cease and desist then the government will drop everything. Continue reading


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Foodies are the new environmentalists

Time Magazine on how the foodies have picked up the baton from the largely failed environmental movement:

“…..Even as traditional environmentalism struggles, another movement is rising in its place, aligning consumers, producers, the media and even politicians. It’s the food movement, and if it continues to grow it may be able to create just the sort of political and social transformation that environmentalists have failed to achieve in recent years.

That would mean not only changing the way Americans eat and the way they farm — away from industrialized, cheap calories and toward more organic, small-scale production, with plenty of fruits and vegetables — but also altering the way we work and relate to one another. To its most ardent adherents, the food movement isn’t just about reform — it’s about revolution. Continue reading

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People urged to tell U.S. dairies they don’t want GMO alfalfa used for feed

From the Centre for Food Safety:

Despite public opposition, the USDA recently approved Monsanto’s Roundup Ready, genetically engineered alfalfa for commercial planting in the absence of sound science to prove that contamination can be prevented or that it is safe for human health or the environment.

Alfalfa is primarily used as animal feed in dairies. Now that GE alfalfa has been cleared for commercial production, dairies need to hear from you that you will not purchase dairy products from companies that allow GE alfalfa! Continue reading

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