Alberta raw milk case with Judith and Eric resumes Feb. 23rd, in Edmonton

February 23rd at 9:00 a.m. in Room 267 Judith Johnson and Eric Pudlo, farmers for a cow share, will be appearing before criminal court and the Court of Queens Bench regarding the sale of raw milk.

Approximate time in court 9:00 a.m. to 12:00.  It could go longer depending on a few factors that have not been determined yet.  Come whenever and however long you can make it.  Michael said that we just need to make a strong appearance of support by showing up.  People come and go from the court room constantly so don’t worry about interrupting.

Alberta Health’s goal, according to their lawyer, is that Judith and Eric cease and desist milking the cows of the cow share members.  The government does not acknowledge cow shares in Alberta.  The lawyer stated that if they cease and desist then the government will drop everything.

Michael has said that if the government can get Judith and Eric to stop then they will move on to the next farmer because the precedent will be set and they will be able to intimidate the next one and so on.  One lawyer we visited said that the cases she has seen regarding Alberta Health and the treatment of farmers and other individuals in the food industry is serious and that we need to get a strong lobby group together.

I have talked to MIchael and at this point we do not know what is going to really happen February 23rd other than appearing in two different court rooms.  There is a lawyer willing to do all the necessary things for February 23rd but he will not do anything until he has $1,000.00.  Eric has been working on this as their income was the service fees for milking the cows.  The animals still need to be fed etc.

There is another lawyer who is very interested and is just the right fit for the fresh/raw milk issue.  He is currently working on getting approval as the firm he is with has a conflict of interest.  We are very thankful for his interest in the raw milk issue and are standing on faith that he will get approval in the next day or two. He would be willing to go right through to change government policy.

Michael will be in Edmonton February 23rd and would like to meet with anyone who wants to. He will be free after the court appearances in the afternoon and evening.  If you would like to meet with him just email or call Charlene.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT.  You have all been so good at pass along ideas, airmiles, emails, donations, support and encouragement.  Thanks to those who sent us names of lawyers.  We did contact them and meet with them.  They had a conflict of interest with the firm they are in or do not have the time but they gave us great advice and it has all been very helpful.

If you have any other questions please call or email.




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4 responses to “Alberta raw milk case with Judith and Eric resumes Feb. 23rd, in Edmonton


    Sorry I will not be there, but our government has lost touch with the general public on this one. I have put three questions out to the Public, one person even being a Milk Inspector and another person use to pick the milk up from the farms for processing. Yet, not a person would sign their name to Question #1 I, John Doe, desire that the Government should control, inspect, and
    license everything between the Farmer and Consumer .
    #2 I, John Doe, do not wish to be a member of a Milk Farm Coop but if my
    friend wishes to join, they should be able to without Government
    #3 I, John Doe, desire to be a member
    The results of this questionnaire will be submitted to Ag. Inspector _____________ , whom requested that I submit my plan to him.

    Alberta Government , We, who did not die from milk on the farm, will not be silent. Dictatorship in Canada must not rule, only real commonsense safety. May MILK & HONEY flow freely!

  2. Donna Daniels-Cote

    Hello my name is Donna i currently am volenteering my time to helping Eric & Judith with their fight in the raw milk war as they both are very busy people. I came to them with nothing to give but my labour and love for the farm life. They have given me in return a bedroom,meals and alot of love and knowledge. I would like to know if the donations given to the raw milk wars are all donated to one account or is there a account for the Alberta wars? As i was raised it a farming community myself would like to be able to tell the community that i am from how to be able to help , not only finnancially but donations of feed for the animals . Hay and chicken scratch. The only means of income are not enough to go around! Exp. Rent ,power ,vehicle ins. fuel and other expenses that come with running a farm. Thank you and god bless…

  3. Donna Daniels-Cote

    Hi Donna here again…if anyone would like to e-mail me my adress is or leave me a message on my cell at 780 268 3558 thanks again….

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