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“Why the Alberta cow share case is now crucial for Canada” — Michael Schmidt

This just in from Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

Eric, Judith and Michael Schmidt in Alberta, near Edmonton, earlier this winter.

February 23st is the day Judith and Eric will face again the courts in Edmonton Alberta to deal with the charges connected to their cow share operation.

What makes this event so crucial is the fact that they have become the perfect target for authorities for several reasons:

  • They are very small and vulnerable
  • They have absolutely no money
  • They are still too small to have a great network of people to support them against Government harassment

Eric and Judith have been struggling their whole life against many odds and hardships. With the help of a circle of friends they established their little cow share operation on a shoe string budget. They experienced immense gratitude by the cow share members and at the same time great satisfaction to be able to farm and to serve a purpose. Continue reading


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