“Why the Alberta cow share case is now crucial for Canada” — Michael Schmidt

This just in from Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

Eric, Judith and Michael Schmidt in Alberta, near Edmonton, earlier this winter.

February 23st is the day Judith and Eric will face again the courts in Edmonton Alberta to deal with the charges connected to their cow share operation.

What makes this event so crucial is the fact that they have become the perfect target for authorities for several reasons:

  • They are very small and vulnerable
  • They have absolutely no money
  • They are still too small to have a great network of people to support them against Government harassment

Eric and Judith have been struggling their whole life against many odds and hardships. With the help of a circle of friends they established their little cow share operation on a shoe string budget. They experienced immense gratitude by the cow share members and at the same time great satisfaction to be able to farm and to serve a purpose.

As the authorities started to come down on them as a result of a personal vendetta, Judith and Eric expressed their intention to fight this apparent injustice.

Inspired by the Ontario cow share ruling they decided to keep going and fight for their fundamental rights.

What is remarkable about them is their spirit and their willingness to pioneer cow sharing in Alberta. When authorities cracked down to confiscate milk Judith was assaulted by authorities and ended up in hospital.

When Eric called me for help I was deeply touched by their courage and determination.

Charlene Bishop a cow share member took on the responsibility to create a support network and coordinated most of the difficult legal work. Much is owed to her being so supportive and caring.

We called a press conference at the stairs of the Alberta Legislature and declared that WE will fight back.

Cow Share Canada took over the operation to protect Eric and Judith but shortly thereafter stopped to bring the operation up to standards. This was done with the understanding and agreement of Judith and Eric because they understood what was at stake for the future of cow sharing in Canada. Since then Eric is steadily working with me to improve the situation at his farm.

In the meantime the legal team hired by Alberta Health and Agriculture uses their tactics to wear them down and out, which I think is “normal” considering the aggressive attempts by the Alberta Government to prevent cow sharing in Alberta.

On the other hand there are more cow share operations active in Alberta delivering fresh milk into Edmonton and Calgary. So far they have not yet found the courage and strength to throw their support behind Judith and Eric for fear to be the next target.

I agree it is a scary thought to stand up and confess without fear. At the same time we cannot keep hiding and hope to escape the wrath of authorities.

We have the same situation here in Ontario. We have many raw milk operations operating outside of the court determined parameters for cow sharing in Ontario.

It is sad how little so far farmers and consumers truly understand what it takes to create a united force for change.

That makes it so important to unite now behind Eric and Judith because their fight is our fight. If they lose the next one will lose too.

Please forget your fear, your doubts and come to support Judith and Eric

February 23, 2011

Raw Milk Issue and Food Freedom Rights

Edmonton Court House

Room 267  9:00 a.m.

1A Sir Winston Churchill Square

Further Details added February 21, 2011:


9:00 a.m.       Court House –  1A Sir Winston Churchill Square

(approx) 1:00 p.m.       Lunch    –   8110 – 81 Street is available for people to eat a bag lunch and talk.

5:00 p.m.       Supper  –   8110 – 81 Street  (Bonnydon area)  – Potluck Meal (everyone invited with or without food in hand)

7:00 p.m.        Meeting with Michael at the Edmonton Public Library Room 6 Stanley Milner Library


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56 responses to ““Why the Alberta cow share case is now crucial for Canada” — Michael Schmidt

  1. Paul

    While there may be a lot of cow share operations going on in Calgary and Edmonton, they are under no obligation what so ever to step forward. It is crazy to ask folks that are not on the radar to come out and reveal themselves to the government.

    Also I would bet most of these small farmers, don’t have time to spend all day and part of the night in the city. I would bet most of them are a husband and wife team, no hired hands. They just can’t leave the farm to show support. I’m sure it’s not that they don’t care what is happening to Eric and Judith, they just don’t have the time.

    Can you please explain this personal vendetta that Alberta Health has against Eric and Judith?

    • I do understand we are all tooo busy until the reality hits home. This is not for entertainment purpose. If people are serious about the issue of food freedom than you will need to take any opportunity to demonstrate that you serious. If not we will be slaughtered one by one. Do not cry over spilled milk. Are you saying under no obligation???????
      Unless farmers and consumers experience first hand the actions by state authorities many do not feel the obligation. It is the greater vision andf foresight and fundamental understanding of the urgency of the situation which matters.
      No this is not only about Eric and Judith. This is in fact about you and all those who may be care where their food is coming from.
      Apathy and complacency and NOT_IN_MY_BACKYARD attitude has granted the powers to thoise who will tell you what to eat and to drink.
      Cheers my friend
      The vendetta is not from the Health authorities. It got started by someone. More details currently not available due to court proceedings.

  2. Michael- I agree. We who want control over our own food supply are the one’s being targets, Judith and Eric are just the beginning of some great agenda the government has and people need to wake up and realize this! I will pass this on. Here is what happen to us and our outcome in Edmonton:

    On December 2, 2010, Alberta Health Services inspectors entered the “Journey of Health” store located in Calgary Alberta and allegedly located raw milk in their coolers, which was labeled ‘not for sale’. Over a span of several weeks, milk had been seized and an ‘ex parté’ order issued to the business and owners to not only cease and desist but also to disclose the full names, addresses and phone numbers of the farm and all the other co-owners of the milk share. Alberta Health Services also forced the closure of the store until permits were renewed and even refused to do so until the owners complied with the court orders.

    Last week the owners won their arguments in court to have Alberta Health Services issue the permit as the are not allowed to hold it ransom. That victory resulted in the store reopening after about 10 days of being closed. Alberta Health Services and the Crown Prosecutor were extremely aggressive and angry with the owners and were out for blood in court. On February 9th, 2011 the owners were found guilty of ‘Contempt of Court’ for not complying with the order to disclose the personal information of all involved that Alberta Health Services was after. They were asking the Judge to pass sentence of 6 months in jail and tens of thousands of dollars in fines and $21,000 in court expenses for not disclosing the information in the court order. Under intense pressure and intimidation the man known as Cody Dahl decided to stand on principle and risk jail time and huge fines in order to stand up to the tyranny of the state. He recognized that he was involved in a private express trust and that he was responsible for the information of those involved in the private agreements made. The Judge in the case surprised both Cody and the Crown Prosecutor by telling the Crown Prosecutor that she was convinced that Cody would not disclose the information even if he spent 10 years in jail. So she was satisfied with a fine of $600 and 10% of the Crowns expense claim of $21,000 as penalty for the contempt charges. This particular portion of the case is now over and the names, addresses and phone numbers of all involved are protected from the Crown.

    I consider this a major victory in what is turning out to be an abusive display of authority. These people need your help and support. $2700 is still a big chunk of change but it is a far cry from the nearly $50,000 + 6 months in jail they were facing. But this whole process sucks the energy out of people. They need your support, encouragement and help. This is not over by any long shot. These instances will get worse if we don’t stand behind these kinds of individuals who have the courage, faith and stamina to stand up to the corrupt power of the state. These instances will get worse when the Canadian Consumer Products Safety Act starts to be enforced too.

  3. Paul

    Thats all well and good, but most farmers can not just up and leave the farm for a day and an evening.

    And yes I’m saying that cow share owners in the province are under NO OBLIGATION to come forward and tell the world who they are, yup that’s what I said.

    It has nothing to do with not in my backyard feelings, but rather, the minute they come out, they will be tagged by Alberta Health. Gee, that’s a smart thing to do! It will work to everyone’s benefit to have every cow share in Alberta under court proceedings by Alberta Health!

    Michael since when did you become the ruling authority over cow share owners in Canada?

    • Thanks Paul
      You said it well.
      Sorry to have not had the chance to help you to understand what is at stake.
      You are the perfect example why Government might win. One can only hide and run for so long. At some point every one will face the music.
      Thanks for reminding me of another disturbing reality.
      People no doubt will get your message and intention.
      By the way I never intended to rule on every cow share. I encourage a joined approach for the sake of credibility and each others support. That’s all my friend.

      May be we should have a chance to get to know each other better.
      Here is my e- mail Glencolton@bmts.com
      Feel free to contact me
      Warm regards Michael

  4. Paul

    You don’t get it do you? Is this maybe a ploy to help your own case? It’s not about running and hiding. These cow shares are already hidden, it does no one any good to come from the shadows only to get hit. If down the line they get hit, then so bet it. Why bring on the unwanted attention onto themselves? You should not lump everyone into the same category. NOT everyone will get hit, lots will, but not everyone. Cow shares and selling milk will go on forever, government crack downs or not!

    You make a mistake, just because these folks won’t come out into the open does not mean by any stretch the government will ‘win’. Every day these folks stay open for business, they win, the public wins, not the government.

    • just contact me.
      I like to talk to you over e mail.
      No ploy no bad intentions. Just try to understand your approach . Who knows there are different approaches no doubt.

      • nedlud

        It could well be that it is far more important for the various ‘consumer’/supporters of the raw milk movement to come out and show support for whatever actual farmer is being tormented by these horrific immoral intrusions of the state and state departments, than for those who actually have the farm, the cows and the facilities…wouldn’t that make sense?

        For one thing, there are more of them. The drinkers of the raw milk. Must be 50 to 100 or more, of them, to every farmer being harassed.

        I perfectly understand the rugged individualism of someone like a Paul, who perhaps, since things are going well and are currently out-of-sight (from the state and the bureaucrats), think: Why interrupt it? One thing is for sure: Virtually all family size farmers are terribly overw0rked and burdened, none worse than the family dairy farmer, unless he and she have like a dozen kids they can treat as slaves and I know there are some that do that. Amish for example, sometimes.

        Another thing: I don’t live in Canada but here in the U.S., the state, the government, is getting deeper and deeper into everyone’s daily lives all the time. EVERYONE’S. Not just farmers. You have things like REAL ID and bio-metrics, there are actually drones beginning to fly around. It is Orwellian. I guess if it that’s much of a desire for someone like Paul to keep hiddden, stay one step ahead of the government all by themselves, why farm? Why not go into drug dealing or bank robbing or something more lucrative? Perhaps Paul can answer that.

        More and more, rugged individuals or not, we are going to have to stand together as Michael Schmidt argues. But I especially expect, that the consumer, the one buying this terrible illegal DANGEROUS raw milk is going to have to show up and show up BIG in support of the family farmer doing the milking.

        One last thing: Another problem are the snitches. I’ve learned about them from other farmers who were turned in by snitches. This has the potential to be an enormous problem, if not already enormous enough.


  5. Paul

    Thanks for your email and invite to chat. I will have to decline the offer. My stance is clear.

    Cow share owners and milk sellers need to stay underground. If the day comes that the government is calling at their door, then they can deal with it. It is best for these folks not to shoot themselves in the foot for no reason. It is not enough to call them to arms, simply to ‘support’ Judith and Eric. They can offer their support in many other ways. If they have not done so as of yet, maybe they simply have no support to give.

    Simply put: Coming out loud and proud is not going to help anyone! And you should not be calling for it. They have to think for themselves, and do what is best for themselves.

    There is no right and wrong …

    • Thanks Paul
      I hope you are right. Thanks for letting me know what I should not do,
      are you actually Paul or are you also hiding your real name????
      good luck

      • nedlud

        ‘Paul’ might be a troll. Might be government.
        Worth considering, Michael.
        Keep up the good work, be sure to read my comments here on this post, too.

        your friend, and, NOT a troll

    • nedlud

      That is very interesting Paul, you are very dedicated in your ideas.

      Yet there is a right and there is a wrong.

      And this time, more than Michael Schmidt, quite a bit more, you are wrong. It is the spirit of the times and the times they are a changing.

      My toast, my encouragement, my compliments are to him and not to you.

  6. AJ

    With all due respect Micael, I actually am in agreement with Paul and also with Nedlud. I think that it would be much wiser for a ground-swell of support to come from consumers (cow share supporters), rallying to protect their rights to healthy food. For, it is harder for the government to squash the influence of a hundred consumers rallying to protect their cow share, than for them to successfully harrass and attack individual dairyman.

    If I were in a dairy operation, running a cow share, I too would choose to remain finanacially stable, and limit my stressload to the regular daily operations. And, when the time comes to fight the regulator’s in court, I would hope to have the necessary finances and consumer support in order to fight.

    Michael, in no way has this been an eay accomplishment for you, and I see your side as well. Your immense effort to bring about change has been long, costly and hard for you. Please don’t stop, more and more people will join in as they themselves are subjected to oppression. Your sacrifice is honorable and not in vain.

    Nedlud, I have been paying attention daily to infowars.com, and Alex Jones, so I am well aware of how difficult it is becoming to function in your nation. I count many Americans as my friends, and it breaks my heart to see what your nation is being subjected to.

    Our Nation’s are closely interconnected, and I have been praying daily for divine intervention in both of our nations.

    Isaiah 59:14-19, Psalm 59, Psalm 27:13

  7. I just want to further clarify a point after reading my own post above. When I am talking about cow share operations I am talking mostly about consumers and those who want raw milk.
    I do not understand why Paul and AJ assume that cow share means the farmers or agisters.
    Cow sharing is driven by demand and not by marketing skills of a farmer.
    A farmer is lost if those who want the milk do not defend their farmer.
    We in Ontario would have never achieved the result we got without our 150 cow share families, their friends and associated organizations. The point I am making is, if Government does not “experience the need of people fr good and healthy food, they will not react or even consider.
    coming out is a very crucial and important part of the process.
    Paul your refusal to engage in a constructive dialogue via e mail is disappointing.
    It appears now more a personal vendetta than a working towards a goal.
    You have my e mail

  8. In fact if you assume that cow share means the farmer than you have not fully grasped the concept of cow sharing.
    The main aspect of the cow share concept is that consumers are the owners and the farmer is “only the care taker”
    Unless every one understands fully the concept of co-production with the so called consumer,then cow sharing will only be a scheme to circumvent the current legislation and yes you better hide in you closet until big bad wolf shows up.
    Consumer education is the key.
    Consumers awareness is the key.
    Consumer responsibility is the key.
    If consumers become co-producers the divide is bridged and the agister or caretaker or farmer is only engaged in the caring and not in the front line to defend himself for providing others with milk.
    Do you get it???????????????????????????????????????????????

  9. AJ

    Well clarified Michael.

    I believe that Paul was speaking from a dairyman point of view, and has the right to be cautious for he may not be operating a cowshare, but rather supplying consumers without a trace. But, we as the consumer’s must stand up and demand the change in legislation. I am personally supporting a goat dairy. And, if I had the means I would be there at the Edmonton Legislature to stand up for our rights along with what I hope will be a multitude. But, I am not in the position to do much right now other than to inform as many people as possible from where I am at.

    So we do get it, it just that we are speaking it in different ways.

    Best regards.

  10. Kurtis

    Well said AJ.

    The only thing I would have to ask is; “Do we really need to change legislation or do we just need to firmly establish OUR RIGHTS?” Because the real secret proven over and over so far when dealing with government and winning is not in the arena of changing regulation or adding new ones. Why shed one shackle and yoke to help build and put on another?. It has been done on the basis of pointing out the rights we already have guaranteed to us. This is our real key to settling this. Not another set of laws.

  11. Paul

    It’s a very sad thing that someone can’t come on this blog and disagree with what Michael says. If they do they are accused of being a troll, or government official or even not who they say they are. It is no wonder that this blog comes off a a Yes Michael Blog, rather then one where all views can be expressed.

    Michael I understand full well what cow share means. Do you get that???????????????????????????????????

    Kurtis is correct. We need to establish our rights not get another set of laws.

    • nedlud

      L augh O ut L oud.

      Are we having fun yet?

      Thanks to all.

      I think cow-shares are stupid myself. That is what I think of them. Cow-shares are a bow (a servitude) to an already deeply entrenched hyper-active bureaucracy. Stupid minds. So that is what I think. Again, so I am clear: I think cow-sharing is S-T-U-P-I-D.


      I think you just sell milk and demand a fair profit and EVERYBODY realizes alternately the value of life and the reality of a certain amount of risk in everything that we do. And– that we DO NOT need a government composed of a BIG BROTHER, SISTER, UNCLE AND, OVERLORD taking from us, what is OURS. Our freedom of choice and our freedom to love.

      And FYI (Paul): I kicked around Michael. A while ago. On here, on the Bovine. Just like I kicked you, when I suggested you might be a troll. I did and he (Michael Schmidt) passed some of my tests and, similarly, perhaps you are passing a test or two, too. Maybe, maybe not. Go ahead and be mad at me, I don’t give a shit. I think Michael is a good guy, albeit, operating from what he knows and likes best. Maybe, just maybe, you are a ‘good guy’ too? Let us see.

      The point of all this being: We are under attack, constant attack from a predatory cannibalistic government, and a dictatorship of pseudo-science experts fully armed and dangerous with a host of operating (among us) sub-human obedient, trained (ie., brain-washed) proles. ‘Trolls’, if you will. We are all being threatened by these two things and the best thing we can do is to stick up for each other, even when we’re a little hard on each other. Those of us who are, actually, human.

      Many of us are not. Are not human. We (them) fail the tests.

      You wanna test me, anybody? Any asshole? You wanna?


  12. No Paul I do not get it that you in fact understood what I wrote. You seemed offended may be for a good reason who knows. Nobody has to agree with me that is not the purpose of this blog. There has been IF you read the blog all along a lot of discussions, very useful discussions.
    Where have you been helping Eric or Judith. Where have you been helping Home on the Range. Before you get into arguments like above remember you are judged by your actions and not by your pen.
    The destructive and negative nature of your comments appears to prevent a good discussion.
    If you just in a ANTI Michael rant I am used to that but than lets not waste our time arguing. Just mark it:
    I hate MichaeI
    I hate what he is doing
    I hate that the courts acquitted him
    and besides I Paul hate any constructive debate
    and I even do not have the guts to talk with Michael

    In case you do not know Paul I love debates.
    Cheer up my friend I am done responding to you but will have no problem exchanging e mails with you
    Here is my phone nr. in case you want to call me 519 369 3578

  13. AJ

    Western Canada,in particular Alberta and Saskatchewan, have historicaly been the provinces that have instigated grassroots movements. For decades upon decades we have grouped together as a whole to try to change the political climate in our nation to benifit all Canadians, with very little to show for our efforts. Under Preston Manning we formed the Reform Party, we are now forming the Wild Rose Party, and we are the ones that defied the eastern liberals and got behind Prime Minister Harper. Unfortunately, he also has come under the influence of the eastern mindset (control), and in doing so has established legislations that are detrimental to us all. Bill C-36 to be my case in point. It was rushed through parliament in the middle of the night, with no press coverage, so hardly anyone knows about it. But, we will know about it on the day that a well armed swat team shows up at your door in the middle of the night and under the legistlation is allowed to raid your home. As a result, many of us have become justifiably disillusioned with the policical establishment.

    I am personally so sick and tired of the Eastern political influence destroying our freedoms. We never wanted gun control, it makes us vulnerable. We never wanted homosexuals to have the right to marry, it will destroys the family by confusing the minds of the youth. We never wanted the GST. And, we never wanted C-36, because besides the fact that it is dangerous to us, it will destroy our #1 access to products for ultimate health. And, I could go on and on.

    If someone where to lead the charge to separate from the east, I for one would be 100% for it. And, I do not believe that I am alone in that sentiment. I am relatively young and I grew up in all this political crap, and it is just getting worse and worse. We all need to shut off the regular news media it is the equivalence of government brainwashing, and become informed by other means.

    It has been said that, “all that it takes for evil to prosper is for good men (women) to do nothing.” We don’t all need to agree. But, we all need to do something to resist, whether that is Michael doing as he has done, or Paul, Kuris, or whomever. To be apathetic towards suppression will not only destroy what little freedoms in this generation, but inaction now, will completely obliterate any freedoms in future generations.

    Alex Jones (from infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com), has put out an excellent documentary (to awaken us Canadians)called “End Game”. I just watched it on line this past week, and what he has exposed affects us all. I highly recommend that it be viewed in full. We are in and headed into very dangerous times.

    This website is also a good source for information, I am grateful that I fumbled across it a year ago.

    Good Day to all.

    • GEM

      Please do not speak for other Albertans. Just yourself.
      I am 3rd to 5th Generation born and raised in Alberta starting with my Great Grandfather riding out west with the first RCMP Ride . . . and
      I do not share many of your views.

      It is nice that we agree on some things. I can respect the fact that we do not agree on some things – but it is totally unacceptable for you speak as though everyone in Alberta agrees with you. Statistics show that although the Conservatives may form the Government here in Alberta for the past 30 years – not even half of Albertans vote for them and never have. I personally, do not know anyone who would even consider voting for any of the Conservative Parties. I find the Conservatives/ Alliance/Wild Rose anything but people friendly – they are totally about Corporate Rule. And it is them and their Corporate Dairy friends causing us so much grief just now about Raw Milk.
      And do not even get me started on the destructive atrocities wreaked on us by our Conservative Dictator of Canada Mr. Harper. I am so desparately ashamed that Alberta has spawned such a terrible stream of devastating Corporate/Right Wing /US driven ideologies – the deleterious results affecting not just Alberta, but Canada-wide and Globally. Harper stands up and supports everything I am opposed to. Under his direction the Conservative Party has advocated on behalf of Corporate Rule on everything – using Dictatorial Blackmail to promote Pharmaceuticals over Natural Health Products, Monsanto GMOs and everything toxic over Organic Farming, is a mouthpiece for Flu Shots and the phony fear mongering campaigns perpetrated by Pharmaceuticals, firing and coercing any honest Public Servants who actually blow the whistle on him and his corporate supporters’ devious plans to deny public interest, citizens’ rights and public safety on every front. And I have not even started. Until Mr. Harper importuned himself on Canadians, I thought Mulroney was the worst PM we ever had . . . ! Anyone I know is appalled by him. Just for the record.
      No Guns Equals Lower Crime Rate and Far Less Deadly Incidents – among other things.
      But . . . I am glad to know you support Raw Milk and not the Deadly Cancer Industry.

  14. thebovine

    Note: Schedule of events for Feb. 23 in Edmonton has now been added to the end of this post. Here is that schedule again:


    9:00 a.m. Court House – 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square

    (approx) 1:00 p.m. Lunch – 8110 – 81 Street is available for people to eat a bag lunch and talk.

    5:00 p.m. Supper – 8110 – 81 Street (Bonnydon area) – Potluck Meal (everyone invited with or without food in hand)

    7:00 p.m. Meeting with Michael at the Edmonton Public Library Room 6 Stanley Milner Library

  15. Louise

    Change happens when people are passionate about something, get involved, and take risks and make sacrifices. However, there is no obligation for anyone to do so in this instance or any other instance if they don’t wan’t to, can’t make it, don’t agree with the methods, feel the risk to themselves is too great, etc. The thing is, the more that people get involved, the greater the likelihood that positive changes will happen. Positive changes (ie. freedom to operate legally under the law) for cow shares benefit both the consumers and the sellers of raw milk .

    I have been looking off and one for a couple of years for a source of raw milk, and still haven’t found one, one of the obvious difficulties being finding a cow share when cow shares don’t advertise or easily trust some random person looking for raw milk. I want to be able to show my support on Wednesday because I’m hoping that by winning this legal battle, Alberta will be on the way to allowing cow shares to operate legally, and then maybe I’ll actually find one! As well, people like Paul will no longer have to be on the ‘down-low’, afraid to reaveal themselves to the government.

    Paul – you are under no obligation to come. I can understand not wanting to reveal yourself as a cow share operator (if you are), as well as being busy with work, etc. But I also don’t understand why you seem so irrate about the whole thing. If you disagree with Michael and his methods/opinion, then either write or call him like he kindly offered, or leave the whole issue alone. It’s okay to differ, but that doesn’t make his opinions wrong. I, for one, am extremely grateful for what he is doing, and what it will someday hopefully mean for me and for others like me who would gladly buy raw milk if it was available. And think of the benefit to cow share operators – more business, and not having to be hush-hush about what they’re doing.

    So all my gratitude for to those willing to take a stand and sacrifice and make a difference – and no judgement for those who disagree or can’t afford to the toll it might take.

  16. Kurtis

    In the end this all comes down to two vital words. Choice and rights. The choice to co-own or own outright. The choice to house an animal at home or board with another. The choice to operate in the previous manner or to purchase. To be able to make the choice as to what we put on our plate and whether to buy it or produce it ourselves in a manner those involved see fit. The choice to take an acceptable risk and make an informed choice. The approach to this is secondary and what is primary in all this is that all these are OUR RIGHT.

    No choice we make is without risk. Even driving a car is a risk. Eating is a risk. And we do it everyday knowing the risk and making an INFORMED CHOICE.

    In the end what we need to do no matter how we approach these problems is to reaffirm and demand our rights.

    Like it or not whether people come forward or not that is also their choice and the end consequences of such and reasons for are their own.

    Take a lesson from history and you will see it has always been a case of the few standing up for the rights of the many. This is really not a battle for raw milk specifically, but a battle to reaffirm our overall right to choose and how we choose to contribute to this is also our choice.

  17. Kurtis

    I read some of this and laugh. Why? Because we call each other names, disagree with the approach and yet are all here for the same reason. That is to defend our rights. I for one am very happy to see multiple approaches even when I think some are stupid. Why? Because it forces those who wish to oppress to fight on multiple fronts,and divide their attention and resources.

    If only one raw milk operation existed it would be an easy target. But that is not the case and bodes well for all of us. Even if one is sadly shut down, another replaces it, or the animals are moved and it continues at another location. Even those who buy from a farmers market in some small way are supporting the right to make a choice and keeping another producer going.

    They may not have what it takes to march in the streets but they support with their hard earned dollar.

  18. AJ

    Hey Kurtis, my thoughts exactly!

    And, to Michael and crew meeting meeting together tomorrow in Edmonton. May your stand be larger than you expected, and that you achieve above and beyond what you can see now.
    May you all be aware that a great multitude that cannot be there still supports your efforts to turn back oppression.

    On the Alex Jones show this afternoon, crucial information is going to be revealed about the USA$, the Middle East, and the cost of oil. It might be wise not to miss it.

    Lindsey Williams broke into the Alex Jones Show today to put the events in the Middle East into a global perspective. He then said he received information over the weekend that “shook him to the core”. He will reveal all on Tuesdays show 2-22-2011. Tune and tell your friends. The Alex Jones Show airs live 11am to 3pm central. http://www.infowars.com
    … (more info)

    • nedlud

      To Kurtis, AJ, Michael and, maybe even Paul~

      Blood brothers. Friends. My thanks to you.

      I remember when I was a kid, I had a HUGE fight with my best friend, we roughed each other up pretty good though we were only about 11. We hated each other, for those moments. The next day it was like: ‘What fight?’ We couldn’t even remember, because it was back to best friends again. Such is life.

      The only thing we (two passionate and authentic, energetic 11 year old boys) DID NOT need, was some authority, some arrogant buffoon of an adult, without any clue, stepping into what was between me and him.

      And this is what the Stasi-State, the Nanny-State, the Goon-State is doing to us constantly now.

      Life is not perfect, but it doesn’t need idiots screwing things, and making them a whole lot worse.

  19. thebovine

    Michael is leaving this morning for Edmonton.

  20. Michael schmidt

    It all comes down to do we care more about ourselves or about others?
    The “Art of War” combined with a clear understanding why you do what you do can lead to unexpected results.
    No fear helps
    great debate
    just arrived in Edmonton
    just in case you wonder I do not enjoy jumping on planes

  21. GEM

    Lots to think about.
    I agree that we should not be forced into cowshares. Other developed countries sell it in vending machines! And especially not covertly like some criminal element. Utterly ludicrous. Longterm we need to re-establish the right to choose our own healthy fresh food. Unbelievable that Conservatives claim they want smaller government – but then want to have unbelievable levels of control in our personal choices when they are in fact defending a Corporatized agenda with public funds.

    Short-rterm we are facing unbelievable levels of “Regulatory Violence” (to quote Michael) because of the Dairy Lobby’s fears of growing cowshares biting into the Credibility of their Products, Power Base, Subsidies and Market Share.

    There has never been a scientific basis for the laws that have made Fresh Milk illegal. I think it was Aajonus Vonderplanitz who researched the stats (1920 -1940 ?) on Fresh Farm Milk vs Pasteurized Milk and found that Milk Bourne Disease Outbreaks and numbers of people affected by the outbreaks was significantly higher in Pasteurized than Fresh. At that time about half of the milk was Paseurized in the eastern States – and Pasteurization Laws had not yet been pressured into reality.

    Paul – Although I truely appreciate your concerns (and hoped Cowshares in Alberta would be spared the levels of attack Michael faced in Ontario – at least until numbers of Cowshare Members were higher), I believe it is not possible any longer to function under the radar. It is not a coincidence that actions against Cowshares are cropping up in BC and Alberta and other places.

    There is no use blaming and abandoning unfortunate Cowshares who have been targeted. Corporate Dairy / Biased Regulatory Bodies across Canada have been watching the Cowshare Situation since before Michael’s case was in the courts in Ontario – and girding their loins – and planning their strategies. Given the news above from Calgary the Government is not about to stop now. They have the Taxpayer’s money and the deep pockets of the Dairy Lobby behind their actions. To quote a member of Judith & Eric’s Cowshare after the Appeal Hearing in Edmonton in January, “If we do not hang together – then we will hang separately”.

    My hope is that people will at least help out with donations in the background to defray legal costs – and form a network strong enough to deflect these attacks . Michael will be aware of how that can be done and will be able to speak more freely – by e-mail (as would any of us).

    In Sweden, when the Nazis installed themselved, and required the Yellow Star be worn by Jews, the King of Sweden asked all Swedes to wear one. There must be ways that Cowshares can join forces too!

    Paul, I would appreciate less of a combative stance both towards the issue of supporting targeted Cowshares and especially towards Michael. I came to this site some years ago to know what is happening in this fight for my rights and yours. I come now to find out how to support Michael, our local Cowshares and any other Cowshares under fire.

    If you are not going to support the efforts of others – please be kind enough not keep disrupting those who are trying to pull together for your benefit. It is your repeated attacks that earned you the suspicion of being a Troll. If you don’t open up to Michael – whose integrity is in my experience is above repproach then there is no other option but to consider you a Troll.

    Seeing Michael’s battle unfold online/media and then meeting him several times in Alberta has shown me what a competent, compassionate, clear-minded, expeienced, well-informed, supportive, courageous, intelligent, inspiring leader he is. Watching him coach, guide, support, teach and encourage people through this process with his calm well-informed reassurance changes an almost hopeless situation into one that can be won. He has experience on the most personal level to the Community level and International level with these and many other kinds of issues. The more I know him the more I trust in his abilities to lead and inspire people to be more than they knew they could be. The plans he has introduced for Personal Rights and Food Freedom are very feasible – with a reasonable amount of Compassion, Courage and Conviction on our part. If enough people join him/us we all win. If not we all lose.

    I think that if we follow your lead, Paul, we all lose – even you.
    I watched Michael win against all odds in Ontario from afar. I hoped we would not be next here in Alberta. Now that Alberta is having to face these belligerent, regulatory abuses against reasonable citizens, Michael’s help and personal assistance have been invaluable and his sense of calmly, caringly bringing this issue into focus so those involved are supported and assisted and people’s rights and freedoms are fought for and protected.
    If we do not fight for our rights now – When?
    Given the Political Landscape – it will not likely be easier if we wait.
    My hope is that those of us who understand and want the benefits of Fresh Local Milk can find a way of supporting what we believe in – even if it is from a protected place in the shadows.

    I also wonder if there is some way of establishing a way to protect people’s identities?

    It is time we all stood up for our rights.

  22. AJ

    Michael is right. This has become one great (lengthy)debate, but a very fruitful discussion. We should all be encouraged.

    So many people are as blind as bats to what is happening around them. But, as more and more people face reality/oppression they MUST pull their heads out of the sand. Some have to crack the concrete first. We have believed in our slumber that life is good, it isn’t, and we must now fight to win freedom battles on multiple fronts. Raw milk is just one.

    Government agencies need to realize that when the tax-base awakens, they will be held to account for their actions or inactions. We the people do have power, we just need to use it in whatever way we can.

    Personally, every year I get PISSED-OFF with the $$$ raised for the run for the cure for cancer. People look at me as if I am an evil person for daring to speak out against it, until I give them the information they need to pull their heads out of the sand. With all the information that is available to us, it is pure STUPIDITY to continue to support year after year, decade after decade, such a counter productive, wealthy corporation.

    Shoot me for moving off topic, but, I firmly believe that we all need to be prepared for whatever is ahead of us, because it is a fallacy to continue in the belief that the government has our best interest at heart.

    • GEM

      Exactly AJ! This is only one front that Corporations are pushing on. For decades, Phamaceuticals get Billions of Taxpayer’s Dollars – and then all this other charity fundraising on top. Meanwhile – no real improvements in health. Nonsense!
      I have had many of the same experiences – and refuse to donate to or support any futile Drug/Chemical Based Research. The only thing I have found that truly improved my health is Raw Milk/Foods. And it is time to act to protect Healthy Foods and Lifestyle before it has totally been destroyed.

  23. Kurtis

    Some here seem to be making the assumption that little true organizing or planning of strategy outside of the public staging and promotions you see here is going on.

    I can honestly tell you that is an incorrect assumption to make.

  24. Michael schmidt

    Oh no Kurtis
    no illusion about that. Only a great discusion without results makes the world go around nowadays, doesn’t it????
    All talk not much action so far.
    All it does is to confirm that talking has not made a difference. Thanks for your input anyhow.
    We are our own worst enemies.

  25. AJ

    Excuse me Michael, but, sometimes you can come across as very critical and judgemental. Maybe that is a missunderstanding on my part and yes I think Paul may have seen the same as well.

    Just becuase people commenting on this website don’t follow you to a raw milk rally, you incorrectly assume that we are all talk and no action. You have no idea what action I have continued to be involved in for a # of years.

    I originally found your website because you had an article about vaccinations. In doing so I was awakened to your own personal story, and the raw milk battle. Your passion and eventual success is commendable. But, though I verbally support your efforts, I am not going to become involved anytime soon. Why? Because it is not my focus, it is not my calling, and it is not my #1 passion. Why? For one I am not a big milk consummer. But, I do inform other people about you and encourage them to become informed and get involved. In this way I support your efforts.

    Now, let me ask you what you are doing to directly combat floride in our drinking water, or vaccinations, or cancer treatment fraud, or educating people about globalist adgenda. Even though you sometimes have articles on all of these subjects, your #1 focus (and justifiably so) is your battle for raw milk/food freedom.

    Hope that your day proceeds well tomorrow.

    • Michael schmidt

      Arrested twice and jailed in solitary confinement for stopping the construction of a dumpsite on one of the cleanest waters in North Amerika.
      Lectures on the issue of Global food control and politics.
      School education on all topics you mentioned above.
      Teach teach teach teach teach day in and day out.
      I think the biggest misunderstanding which exists that I am not asking anybody to support me.
      This is about Eric and Judith and the reality that Government has much better figured out how to deal with a group of eccentrics.

  26. Kurtis

    You have your way and others have theirs. Some flaunt their credentials and others don’t feel the need. Some are impressed the listing of such and others not. Choices, choices, choices and another fine example of our rights in action.

    You prefer the public eye while I prefer to work directly one on one without the public fan fare. Just a different approach Michael and one you do not seem to respect. And that is also your right.

    • Michael schmidt

      I am looking forward to see how you deal with a crackdown on your farm.
      One can have the best system in place until you stand in front of a judge who does not understand your concept.
      You can scream bloody murder for the injustice because you had it all figured out in your perfect world.
      At the moment you simply enjoy the free ride on the back of others.
      Did you send Alice money in support for her constitutional argument since you suggested she should have done that?????
      As far as I know since you milk in BC and deliver to Calgary you in fact riding on the back of two different court cases.
      It’s always easy to make assumptions and judgements when you not the target.
      I am not wishing on anybody a raid or crackdown. In your v
      case I would lobe to see how you deal with it when you under fire.
      I guess in your case you have it all figured out
      thanks for everything you have done my friend

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  28. AJ

    I have now stopped the subscription to this website. I hope you all succeed in whatever mission in the future.

    I have decided that I want no furthur part of any individual whom thinks that his way is the only way, and that all other avenues that people may take to accomplish a mission, are just all talk and no action. That is just pure arrogance.

    You may want to check out davidicke.com – to find out what can be accomplished just by the sharing of information.

    farewell to all.

  29. thebovine

    @AJ it’s your choice. You’re welcome back anytime all the same!

    @ Everyone — Read Michael’s report on the February 23rd proceedings at the Edmonton court house: https://thebovine.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/judith-eric-michael-schmidt-and-supporters-at-the-court-house-in-edmonton-alberta/

  30. AJ

    David Icke:

    October 2008
    2-7 David Icke on Alex Jones TV NWO Mafia Spiders Web

    An insperation to keep on keeping on fighting on all fronts. I hope some of you have already watched or heard of David Icke before.

    Again I wish you all well, and future success.

  31. Kurtis

    You are too funny Michael. You insinuate my lack of involvement (which is not true) to try to discredit myself and apparently use it to build your ego and appearance. The attack further proves my point about lack of respect for a different approach to a problem. And a different form of support system.

    That and you assume a lot about how we operate. What a joke!

    Are we bullet proof ? No one is.
    Do I have it all figured out? No
    Do we have a game plan? Yes
    Will it work? One never knows for sure.
    Will we make it public? You must be kidding! One would be a fool to hand it over to the other side.
    Do other shares know the strategy and thoughts behind it? YES!!!!!!!! Education about the workings of law, rights and the courts is the best thing for shares to know. Once this happens shares become more confident.

    One thing I learned about battle strategy, (which includes the courts) is that once the first shot is fired the original plan of attack can go right out the window and you better be ready to think on the fly or have legal minds with you that can.

    As to riding on anyones back or the like. I will not lower myself to responding and slinging that mud back at you.

    • Michael schmidt

      Why are you so offended????
      All what is required in this situation is to live the truth.
      The truth does not need justification.
      The truth does not need hiding and complicated legal arguments.
      Whatever it is what seems to make you to dislike our approach might have nothing to do with us.
      Peace be with you and no hard feelings. I never had any personal vendettas.
      I do not know you my friend.
      May our path cross one day and may we meet on a different level of understanding

  32. Michael schmidt

    How much drama do we need to outperform the other one???
    Thanks Kurtis.
    We had a good day in Edmonton. Great energy, positive energy and a willingness of cooperation
    thanks on behalf of Judith and Eric

  33. Kurtis

    It is not a matter of disliking your approach. It is a matter of pointing out that there are many viable approaches to a problem and many valid forms of support and those differences should be respected. This is how strong communities are built that will support the greater cause.

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  35. Danny

    I read of Paul saying that people are under no obligations to stand up. I see others talking about how important freedom is and that disagreeing is good and that everyone has a right to opinion. Then the same people say he is wrong and accuse him of silly things like a government troll. I think you all are getting abit full of yourselves if you think this is the best way to try and trick you all into getting into some raw milk conspiracy circle. If you are for rights and freedom then you should agree that no one should be under any obligation to stand up for anything. It is true that it might not be the bravest ,smartest for the long haul, and so on but it is a right to not have to stand up. To say it is an obligation is saying that he has a mandatory duty to do something he is not comfortable with. I feel it is a right to decide that if he feels he should not have to standup and be heard he has that right and is under no obligation. It isnt heroic but it is his right. Saying he is a troll or government agent is like second graders calling eachother names. As for test that need to be passed, I dont think anyone really cares. It is obvious that if you are so paranoid about who is who you yourself wouldn’t use a real name or that if you are going to pretend that you don’t care what someone thinks of you in a post then turn around and state how someone better think about your tests?(I usually just call those opinions. It is less Dramatic!lol)
    I do feel however that the government in its current state is not our own. It has been bought and sold. Jefferson himself promoted a revolution a generation. If you want milk you deserve it anyway you choose so long as if u distribute it you let everyone know what it is they are getting and if there are risks. I feel that those who are brave enough to stand and fight deserve applause to fight any battle for freedom they can. I realize that not everyone can and that is ok. I push and encourage those who think about it and guide those who ask how. I support freedom, even those whom I dont agree with. I also think that while we need those people who will stand in public and bravley give there all I dont think that is what will win the war. It is the countless others doing the small things. I would rather have a million people give a dollar to a cause than one man giving 10,000. That man giving 10,000 can be an inspiration to the others to maybe give that dollar or even 2. It is good and great that yo choose that route but without respecting the backing of that masses I see little chance of winning. THe masses will never fully raise up and give thier lives for every battle and fight but that is not what is needed. What is needed is the support of the masses and that is all. I applaud the farmer who supported Lenin in his march as much as I do Lenin. I hope that all the dramatics of extremes and the need for absolutes will diminish if you want a true discussion. Wise men say neither yes nor no but rather view the grey between and choose the path of compromise. (in this I dont mean one must always compromise but that one must never make absolutes and realize ANYTHING can have a grey area and exception)

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  37. SD

    Here is a recent column that appeared in the Calgary Herald newspaper:
    Brooker: Raw milk lovers won’t be cowed
    By Kevin Brooker, Calgary Herald
    I don’t know about you, but lately, I’ve been getting a powerful thirst for a nice, cold glass of farm-fresh milk.
    You’re a news reader, though, so you might only know that product by what amounts to a dirty word on the lips of a large class of bureaucrats in Canada and the U.S.: raw milk.
    As a city mouse, I’ve never had the pleasure that farm folk have been praising for centuries – moo juice straight from the cow, albeit cooled and filtered. They speak rapturously about its flavour and texture, and their sense that it forms a clearly beneficial foundation to their nutritional life.
    Heck, yeah, I want some of that.
    Alas, since only 1991, the government of Canada says I may not purchase such a product. In their vast scientific wisdom, they decided that a practice as old as history has no place in the bright tomorrow of irradiated foods and patentable, genetically modified plants and animals.
    Like most urbanites who will never touch a cow’s teat, I failed to notice the initial banning. It’s only been over the past few years that I’ve come to understand the well-intentioned folly that it has become, thanks to people like Michael Schmidt, the Newmarket, Ont., farmer who is bravely fighting to restore sanity in the dairy chain.
    Schmidt, sometimes called the Milk Warrior, used to sell the good stuff from his heritage farm, and persisted in doing so in defiance of the raw milk ban. In 2006, 20 police officers raided the farm and slapped him with an equal number of charges.
    Though eventually acquitted, the Ontario government appealed and, in September, the acquittals were overturned. On Sept. 29, Schmidt began a hunger strike, vowing to stay on it until he could have a faceto-face meeting with Premier Dalton McGuinty.
    This is dramatic, to say the least, and surely a measure of his conviction. But he’s not alone out there in the realm of civil disobedience. Perhaps you read last week of the self-described “caravan of criminal mothers” who transported fresh milk across state lines and drank it defiantly in front of the Food and Drug Administration headquarters in Maryland. Though there were no arrests, it did bring attention to the impetus for their protest: the predawn raid on the tiny dairy farm of an Amish man in Pennsylvania, where they had previously bought their milk.
    It is vital to note that neither that product, nor Schmidt’s, has ever been found contaminated. That is the principal reason, of course, why the Canadian government decreed that the high-heat process of pasteurization is a requisite to milk consumption. But these farmers insist, and it seems sensible, that on their small-scale operations, they practise a form of grass-fed, drug-free husbandry which, combined with obsessive cleanliness, renders contamination highly unlikely.
    In short, they claim that the matter could be dealt with not with a ban, but with a sticker reminding consumers of potential risks, and letting them decide for themselves what they will ingest. This is exactly how it’s done across Europe and in some states, where it is correctly understood that routine food safety measures will continue, and that there is a powerful commercial disincentive to poisoning consumers.
    Meanwhile, there is a supreme irony in that it is not illegal to drink raw milk in Canada, only to sell it.
    This is a classic case of regulatory overreach, and one likely cheered on by the $12-billion dairy industry. It emerges from a culture of Ottawa scientists who live in a bubble of six-figure salaries, gold-plated pensions and some bizarre belief that they can save the world from itself, no matter how costly, inconvenient or useless their actions become.
    Meanwhile, good news for Schmidt. On Friday, he got to meet McGuinty, and thus ended his hunger strike. We can only wish that they have a more reasonable conversation in the years ahead.

  38. Nadia Rhodes

    Looking into cow share for raw milk. I live in Devon and am a new WAPF member. Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

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