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Canadian biotech company debuts new vaccine for cattle which aims to prevent E. coli O157 transmission to humans

From News4u.net:

E-coli 0157 H7 -- picture from Marler blog.

BELLEVILLE, ON, Feb. 15 /CNW/ – Bioniche Life Sciences Inc. (TSX & ASX: BNC), a research-based, technology-driven Canadian biopharmaceutical company, gave a presentation about its E. coli O157 cattle vaccine at the First International One Health Congress in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Bioniche presentation – by Rick Culbert, President of Bioniche Food Safety – was focused on the challenge of implementing cattle vaccination against E. coli O157 to reduce the risk of human infection. Continue reading

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Vermont raw milk business estimated at $1 million in annual sales, up 25%

David E. Gumpert reports on the state of raw milk in Vermont, in his latest post on The Complete Patient blog:

Photo by Jessica Bongard from Family Cow Farmstand

“It’s kind of amazing, when you think about it, that we’re still debating–as Milky Way and Ken Conrad were, following my previous post–whether milk comes through a cow’s udder sterile or having picked up certain beneficial bacteria.

Our government and public health research establishment are so committed to eliminating raw dairy from the public consciousness that they wouldn’t consider exploring raw milk’s probiotic nature and dynamics. They wouldn’t, after all, want to find positive news.   Continue reading


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Emergency! Pathogen New to Science Found in Roundup Ready GMO Crops?

From the Institute for Science in Society website:


“An open letter appeared on the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance founded and run by Judith McGeary to save family farms in the US [1, 2].  The letter, written by Don Huber, professor emeritus at Purdue University, to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, warns of a pathogen “new to science” discovered by “a team of senior plant and animal scientists”. Huber says it should be treated as an “emergency’’, as it could result in “a collapse of US soy and corn export markets and significant disruption of domestic food and feed supplies.”

The letter appeared to have been written before Vilsack announced his decision to authorize unrestricted commercial planting of GM alfalfa on 1 February, in the hope of convincing the Secretary of Agriculture to impose a moratorium instead on deregulation of Roundup Ready (RR) crops. Continue reading

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MPP Randy Hillier, MP Scott Reid seek amendment to enshrine property rights in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms

From Randy Hillier’s website:

MPP Randy Hiller, MP Scott Reid

Queens Park – Scott Reid, MP (Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington) and Randy Hillier, MPP (Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington) have announced they will jointly present resolutions in the House of Commons and the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to amend Canada’s Constitution, embedding property rights within the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Unlike other jurisdictions, Canada’s constitution contains no provision guaranteeing security or safety of property. This leaves Canadian citizens with no constitutional protection from seizure of property or unjust treatment. Continue reading

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London England grocery store chickens also loaded with dangerous pathogens

From Bill Marler’s blog:

Tesco is one of the English supermarket chains cited in this study. Photo from LIFE. Click image to see source.

The Tests – According to tests on 20 grocery store chickens, picking up a package of chicken in Asda, Morrisons, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Tesco could put you at risk of food poisoning. E. coli was found on one of the chickens from Sainsbury’s.

Staphylococcus aureus, an MRSA-related bacteria that can cause wound infections, was found on a sample from Asda.

Acinetobacter baumannii, which also causes serious wound infections, was found on one chicken from Asda and two from Marks & Spencer. Proteus mirabilis, which can cause urinary tract infections, was found on chickens from Asda, Tesco and Morrisons, and high levels of Micrococcus luteus, which also causes urinary tract infections, were found on a sample from Tesco….” Continue reading

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Sarah Palin “knocks ’em dead” with her old school approach to “organic” dining

If the politics thing doesn’t work out for her, there’s always comedy. America’s “frontier gal” gives it to ’em with both barrels, from the Huffington Post:

Click on image to go to source.

“Sarah Palin loves animals… next to her mashed potatoes. This was just one of many revelatory proclamations that the former Republican vice-presidential candidate offered this past weekend at the Safari Club International (SCI) Convention in Reno.

SCI holds an annual convention where tens of thousands of hunters gather to discuss trophy rooms, rifles, and trips to Mozambique — past speakers have included George H.W. Bush and Tom Ridge. Newsweek recently release an article, originally reported by The Daily Beast, covering this year’s event. Continue reading

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B.C.’s Fraser Health says it will refrain from any further enforcement actions against raw milk cowshares pending the outcome of the constitutional challenge

This just in from Alice Jongerden, via Michael Schmidt:

Raw milk farmers Michael Schmidt and Alice Jongerden share a raw milk toast outside Fraser Health offices in Chilliwack earlier this winter. Photo: The Valley Voice.

We attended court to seek direction in pursuing the constitutional challenge, and scored big.

Government Commits to Stop Aggressive Enforcement of Fresh Milk Regulations Pending Constitutional Challenge

Counsel for the Fraser Health Authority committed to the British Columbia Supreme Court to refrain from taking enforcement action against Fresh Milk cowshares pending the determination of a constitutional challenge initiated by Alice Jongerden and Home on the Range cowshare. Continue reading


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