Raw milk farmers Judith, Eric, Michael Schmidt and supporters on the court house steps in Edmonton Alberta

This just in from Michael Schmidt:

Standing up for our raw milk rights, on the courthouse steps in Edmonton. Photo Michael Schmidt

Two different issues, two different lawyers.

The hearing regarding the charges from Alberta agriculture against Judith Johnston have been adjourned and rescheduled for March.

The crown proscecutor had no idea what was going on since he got handed the case just minutes before the hearing. We agreed to look into a reasonable solution for both parties with the option of challenging the constitutionality of the current Dairy Industry Act in Alberta.

The other issue with Alberta Health was resolved to the satisfaction of both sides.

Cow Share members can go to the farm to consume their milk and dairy products. In a discussion with the attorney of Alberta Health I pointed out that in fact they agree that the milk is no hazard as long it is consumed at the farm.

Magically the milk turns into a nuisance crossing the road.

The current executive order is giving us the opportunity to file a Notice of Constitutional Question to obtain the right for access to fresh milk.

Thanks to those who braved the icecold wind and the intimidating grand palace of justice.

Did we win something. We won another step towards the recognition of our fundamental food rights and a recognition that it is not only Eric and Judith which are in need. There are hundreds of people in need of real food from real farmers.

The only disturbing element was Grady  Owen the investigator for Alberta Agriculture and most likely for the dairy farmers. He was extremly agitated when I tried to get into a dialoque how to find a solution to move forward together. He did not want anything to do with it he even did not want to reveal any person we could contact.

Talk to the lawyer was his response.

He suddenly jumped up and said he will not say anything anymore and left.

He is not yet our friend that was clear.

He is the one who apparently physically assaulted Judith to confiscate cow share milk.

Thanks to all who joined in this important food rights issue.

Tonight (Feb 23) Global National Television will air a program on the raw milk debate.

For more on what this is all about, see this earlier post on The Bovine: “Why the Alberta cowshare case is now crucial for Canada”


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