Global TV covers the Judith and Eric raw milk story in Edmonton Alberta

Global TV covers Edmonton raw milk court proceedings, includes background from Michael Schmidt’s blue bus in Vaughan:

Click image above to go to Global TV page to watch video clip on the Edmonton raw milk story.

“Raw milk. As in unpasteurized. As in straight from the cow.

It’s what an Edmonton-area couple is fighting for. Judith Johnson and Henry Pudlow are even getting ready to launch a constitutional challenge.

Alberta raw milk farmer Judith Johnson. From Global TV video clip. Click to watch.

They were before the courts Wednesday on charges of selling unpasteurized milk, something that’s against provincial laws due to health risks. They are trying to convince the court they aren’t actually “selling” the milk. Johnson and Pudlow are copying a model which was successful skirting Ontario laws.

Alberta raw milk farmer Eric Pudlow. Click to watch Global TV video clip.

Here’s how it works: farmers are allowed to drink raw milk from their own cows, so they’ve developed something call a “cow share” program. They sell shares in their cows, that way, each shareholder is part owner of the cow and can drink the milk. The money which changes hands is for upkeep of the cows. A way around the rules, perhaps, but is it safe?…”

Global TV crew visited Michael Schmidt’s blue bus Tuesday to talk to cow share members. Click image to go to Global TV page to watch video clip on the story.

Read the whole story on Global TV’s website.

Global TV reporter interviews one of Michael Schmidt's cowshare members on the blue bus in the city of Vaughan. Click image to go to Global TV webpage to watch the video clip.



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3 responses to “Global TV covers the Judith and Eric raw milk story in Edmonton Alberta

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  2. Sherron

    When we think of “cow shares”, what is it we are sharing? cows get milked in a barn, wher there the animals ‘go’ where they want, there is dirt, damp conditions, ask yourself,’how clean is it’. the milk is poured into questionably clean pails and processed in a questionably sanitary environment. Not everyones standard of clean is equal. When we buy cow shares, do we get a clean bill of health, not only from the cows, but from the “producers” as well. How much are you willing to risk? Then add that there are dangerous illnesses that can be passed into our communities from unpasturized milk & products without having to ingest a single drop of raw milk. when you buy a ‘cow share’ will you risk sharing what you DON’T know?

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