Why I am committed to seek co-operation with Government and Regulators [regarding raw milk] — Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt

This just in from Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt. Photo via Nelson Daily

I have to be thankful for the rather degrading and heated discussion following my post about the need to support Eric and Judith in their struggle to fight for their cow share operation in Alberta.

The discussion laid open the variety of positions dealing with the issue of how to deal with the current underground raw milk trade across Canada and across Province lines.

The apparent dilemma of “coming out” versus building an alternative legal approach, versus fighting the current corrupt legal system, versus the apparent ego-trip of a one man show, versus total rejection of the current corrupt nature of the state, versus accusations of intolerance versus………………………and on and on

It revealed in a grand way clues to any Government investigators how to plan the next steps in regards to the overall issue of strategic law enforcement. Putting myself into their shoes I would have a better sense now than before what to deal with. I try to stay away from drawing any assumption and conclusions to avoid new allegations of self rightiousness.

I have to say I was taken back about the wide interpretations of my comments and confess that not in my greatest imagination I had even thought of what I was accused of. Nevertheless I have to admit that may be my language barrier with a strong sense of German can create confusion and misunderstandings. My apologies.

But let’s get back to our topic of visionary strategies in regards to our food rights issues.

Over the last 20 years I had plenty of choice to deal with elected officials and bureaucrats and have watched with growing concern the deterioation of our fundamental rights. I am fully aware about the growing corporate pressure dictating Government policy.

I have seen and experienced almost anarchistic tendencies how to deal with this situation of lost rights.

I have experienced first hand how the raw milk issue is simply used to have a cause to advance the fight for liberty.

I have seen and experienced a complete disregard for our current political structure and legal structure.

I have also seen the largely debated fear factor which leads to the ever growing underground market even in Ontario.

Since the raw milk movement is not a farmer-driven grassroots movement rather a consumer driven it has shifted to the next level of responsibility.

Con-sumers demanding food of their choice. Con-sumers asserting their rights. Con-sumers are con-sumers until they understand that con-sumers need to take responsibility to bring this issue legitimate into the open.

Unless con-sumers evolve into co-producers farmers will divide themselves into groups of underground quasi-criminals according to the current regulations which are no law anyhow as discussed many times before.

Another group keeps asserting the issue of rights and common law interpretation of current laws.

All in all we have colourful variety of opinion and approaches concerning the issue of raw milk.

I knew from day one of my raw milk battle that a multiple pronged approach is a positive and creative approach. I never denounced this strategy.

But let me confess that the battle I am involved with has taught me more about the inner workings of Government, Courts and Bureaucrats and it helped me to come to the conclusion that I want to work with the Government and regulators to find a sensible and workable approach.

Denying Government it’s “assumed” role of protector will deny in my view those in power the ability for change.

We need to acknowledge the faults of the system and help changing it with a respectful compassion for those who think they have the power to dictate us what liberty should or should not include.
I have met too many human beings involved in Government, involved in enforcement, that I have made it my goal to show those in power that there is compassion and understanding for their struggle as well.

The confrontational nature of the latest Bovine debate laid open the dangers of creating division.

I am comfortable and optimistic seeking continously a dialoque and common ground with those who think they have the power.I more and more believe that we in fact can change the world through the power of a compassionate dialoque by trying to understand each other.

Warm regards




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7 responses to “Why I am committed to seek co-operation with Government and Regulators [regarding raw milk] — Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt

  1. nedlud

    Michael, I pretty much like you. I respect that you listen and consider all arguments. At least, to the best of your ability. This is a human trait, a part of human language, a part of human speech and interaction.

    My warning to you is simply this: What you call ‘government’, what you think you are willing to work with, has eroded, I am convinced, farther into depravity than your experience and optimism allows.

    It will be very hard for you to find anyone in ‘government’ that uses any other type of language, other than MONEYSPEAK. They will trick you, they will deceive you. They are the perfect dupes, this makes them very efficient in their performance. They have lost their souls, they know no human compassion, no human desires, they live for Satan, the father of lies. Satan (Beelzebub, Iblis, the Devil, Lucifer) throughout history has achieved notoriety for his/its supernatural cleverness. Again, though their (these government dupes under Satan’s hand) speech may contain words you know, or feel you recognize; and they may show emotions you think you understand; it is not the speech, nor the face, genuine humans use. It is all a part of MONEYSPEAK, the modern devil tongue, through and through.

    You can regard this, what I just said, as simply a bit of metaphorical, quasi-religious, even lunatic, hyperbole if you choose, but I think you would be mistaken if you do.

    Watch you your step.

    Keep your ear to the ground, your nose in the air and your eye to the sky. It helps to have a little sense of humor too. 🙂

    And don’t touch their money. It will cost you everything you think you had. And then some. But you won’t know until it’s gone.

    This is for real, friend.

    It is.


    • Michael schmidt

      I am in search of the remaining pockets of humanity and goodness within those few who entered politics with good and ethical intentions.
      I have studied for decades the nature of politics and it’s corruption of the human soul. I saw what happened with Obama.
      You are absolutely right.
      Searching for goodness is part of this journey.
      Many told me that we will never ever win in court because of the corrupted mind.
      Yes I had sebody helping me to understand a good deal of the workings and how it should work.
      Most of the arguments brought forward under the pretext of convincing a judge that the issue of jurisdiction has an impact on the ruling. No the judge did not even considered arguments in that direction.
      The point of exercise here is simple. Unless you open up the possibility of truthfulness through your own intention and approach, possibilities even impossible possibilities emerge.
      In our case the judge won the case not me or somebody else. He pulled together a ruling based on over ten years of history of due diligence and clean health records. The construction of our cow share operation was not a complicated legal argument but honestly simple.
      I still have hope, for sure no illusion.
      The greatest danger is currently within the movement itself.
      Nedlud I deeply respect what you are saying. I need to envision light and hope in order to create a future of greener pastures and happy cows

      • AJ

        Can not agree more.

        Personally, I have a preference for the political stance of Rick Mercer. Should he actually run for political leadership of any party, or form his own, probably 80% of the electorate would show up to vote for the clown. As the situation is, there is not much to choose from, and, he could probably perform better than the PM’s we have had for the last 5 decades.

        Put some humour and common sense into politics, that’s what I say.

        Unless, you would like want the position. But, the powers that be would never want you there.

        Just my opinion.

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  3. Bernie Bailey

    Well you know Micheal if they will not come to the table make them part of your team.

    For instance I became a councilor in North Huron and I expected the Minister of Agriculture our local provincial representative to call and congratulate me—still waiting—- I can almost see the grin on your face.

    Be up your way next week and if time permits I will stop in.

    still one vote


  4. Mike,

    I really agree with your plight to reach and out and educate the regulators and the politicians. This is a long fight to educate and re educate. I am sure that you can remember how good it was to sit before the Honorable Senator Dean Florez in Sac CA in 2008. That was a taste of democracy and even though we did not pass SB 201…we won the political education battle and that was major progress. Now we have a governor that likes raw milk and defends farmers markets and real health.
    Time and work…..lots of time and lots of work. That is what it takes to make progress. Teach someone every day about raw milk.
    Today at a Girls Scouts event in Fresno thousands of young Girls drank our raw milk with their cookies. The CEO of the Miss California Beauty Pageant came up to us at our booth and told us that he wants all the girls in this years competition to be drinking our raw milk. We will see how this all evolves. We are very honored by all of this.
    The moral to this story is this….this is progress. This is not how things were 5 years ago and things are moving and changing.

    Teach every day….keep the raw milk clean and delicious and the taste and truth of it all builds a better future for everyone.
    All the best Brother,


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