Raw milk farming and cheese making internships offered in Massachusetts.

From the Greenhorn’s “The Irresistable Fleet of Bicycles” blog:

Picture via Greenhorns blog

Cricket Creek Farm is a small grass-based dairy in Western Massachusetts.  We make several award-winning cheeses from the milk of our registered herd of Brown Swiss and Jersey cows (currently milking about 20 cows).

In addition to the cheese, we sell raw milk from our farm store.  We also raise pigs and beef, as well as chickens for eggs.  We have a bakery located on the farm that supplies the store with fresh bread, cookies, granola, and other baked goods.

We are a member of Berkshire Grown and sell cheese to many shops & restaurants in the Berkshires.

Dates of internship are flexible, but ideally April/May – Sept/Oct.

The farm intern would optimally have some experience in a farm setting – proficient at driving a tractor and comfortable around cows and other farm animals.  Experience milking is a plus.  We are willing to train anyone with motivation.  The cheese making intern does not need specific experience in this area, but must be comfortable learning the technical aspects of cheese making, including some chemistry.  Cricket Creek Farm is an “open” farm. We have a farm store and encourage people to visit the farm.  Both interns must have good people skills and enjoy interacting with the public.

Educational Opportunities include – Cheese making, rotational grazing, farm marketing, cow health, milking, hay production, community interaction. Access to our small library of farm/cheese related books.  We provide housing. Interns will share the farm house with other staff, located on the farm.  The house has wireless internet.  We also provide a stipend….”

Read it all on the Greenhorns’ blog.

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