New B.C. Premier Christy Clark used to drink raw milk, interviewed Michael Schmidt in September on CKNW

Christy Clark, a radio host who interviewed Michael Schmidt last September, was just chosen as the new leader of the B.C. Liberals last Saturday Feb. 26th. She will be replacing Gordon Campbell as Premier:

Christy Clark hugs her son Hamish after being named the new leader of the BC Liberal Party at the Liberal leadership election at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Saturday, February 26, 2011. Photograph by: Les Baszo, PNG, via The Province

A brief bio of the new Premier of B.C., from The Province:

“NAME: Christina Joan Clark

AGE: 45

BORN: in Burnaby

FAMILY, One son, Hamish, age 9

POLITICAL EXPERIENCE: Former two-term Port Moody MLA, education minister, children’s minister and deputy premier.

OTHER EXPERIENCE: CKNW radio talk show host and newspaper columnist.

ENDORSEMENTS: One MLA and former TV anchor Pamela Martin.

MADE HISTORY: Clark was pregnant in 2001 while deputy premier. She was the first female politician to have a baby while serving as a cabinet minister. She took only a month offf before returning to the legislature.

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From a more detailed bio in the Ottawa Citizen:

Clark became de facto premier of the province late Saturday by winning the Liberal leadership on the third ballot -all without holding a seat in the legislature.

“People want to do things for the people in their lives that they love, and they’re willing to really work at it,” said Clark, who based her winning campaign on what she called a “families first agenda.

“Government can’t make it too hard for people.”

In many ways, becoming the premier of British Columbia is what Christina Joan Clark has prepared for her entire life. Daughter to an aspiring MLA, sister to a top Paul Martin fundraiser, ex-wife to a political Svengali and herself a former cabinet minister -for Clark, politics is oxygen.

“I was a little baby on my dad’s knee when (my father) ran the first time. He got me doing this. My dad really inspired me,” she said in an interview recently, speaking of Jim Clark, her father, who sought provincial office twice in the late 1960s, once in the mid-’70s, and never came close to winning.

Now, Clark -who once took breaks from cabinet meetings to nurse her one-month-old son -has been chosen to become just the second woman ever to assume the province’s top job. (The first was Rita Johnson, a Socred who held the post between April and November of 1991)

But don’t let Clark’s pedigree and power suits fool you. Clark says despite being driven to succeed, she’ll remain a soccer mom at heart. “I have some other priorities. In addition to being premier of the province I also have a family and I have a life that I need to look after,” she said, referring in large part to her nine-anda-half-year-old son Hamish….”

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From a post on the Bovine Sept 25, 2010:

Christy Clark, as radio host.

“Michael [Schmidt] was interviewed, live on the Christy Clark radio show today, Friday, from 2 to 2:30 pm on CKNW 980. He gave a very good presentation for the Campaign for REAL MILK.  You can listen to it on the archive on CKNW’s website

Host Christie Clark said that when she lived on the Gulf Islands, she used to drink raw milk all the time. Her enthusiasm for raw milk to be legalized, was obvious. It is worth noting that she was an MLA in the Liberal government, and the deputy Premier of British Columbia.

Coupled with the exposure which CKNW’s Bill Good gave Organic Pastures’ Mark McAffee back in 2007,  this is a clear signal that the Powers-that-Be are ready to accomodate dairying for raw milk, if a face-saving way to do so can be found….”

From a Globe and Mail story by Ian Bailey:

“Being British Columbia Premier certainly won’t be like Christy Clark’s last long-term job, as host of an afternoon radio talk show for Vancouver-based CKNW Radio.

Ms. Clark pinpoints one huge difference.

“In radio when you don’t want to talk to somebody any more, you just hit the button and they’re gone,” she said Sunday after beating three experienced former cabinet ministers to become B.C.’s 35th premier and the second female leader in the province’s history.

“Politics is a lot harder. You can’t tune out. You have to stay tuned into people.”

Tuning in to voters, and the demands of the B.C. Liberals – the party that represents the so-called “free-enterprise” coalition in B.C. politics – will occupy Ms. Clark into the foreseeable future.

Ms. Clark, 45, knows government. Over nine years, she was deputy premier, minister of children and family development and had a memorable run as education minister, where she was in conflict with the province’s teachers over the government agenda….”

Read the rest of that story on The Globe and Mail website.

Warren Kinsella says:

One, it’s high time: too many old farts like me still dominate Canadian politics.  Perhaps Christy’s win – a smart, sensible, single mom – signals a new day dawning.

Two, her win makes me feel old! I remember well the 1993 federal campaign, when a younger Christy Clark was camped out at a smallish desk outside our cramped war room space.  Then, as now, she was an amazing person, and clearly destined for great things.

Go Christy, go!…”


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5 responses to “New B.C. Premier Christy Clark used to drink raw milk, interviewed Michael Schmidt in September on CKNW

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  2. thebovine

    Looks like it may not all be smooth sailing for B.C.’s new Premier:

  3. I checked with Vancouver Radio station CKNW today and they only keep archives for 4 months . So that priceless interview is no longer easily available or downloadable.

    If anybody, anywhere, by some miracle , has downloaded this archived September 25,2010 interview of Michael Schmidt by the soon-to-be premier of BC Christy Clark , please contact Michael Schmidt or Home on the Range Farms .
    That audio interview is now much more than a historical document . Because of the outstanding court cases and constitutional challenges in BC , and perhaps elsewhere , that interview could now prove to be very helpful if offered as “reference material ” in court !
    Instead of forever fighting a rearguard action from the government, perhaps the debate could finally be moved to a new and higher level ,preparing the ground for finally legalizing raw milk , first of all, for the private cowshares and then ,eventually , for the retail and/or specialty grocery or health foods stores.

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