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Is raw milk as dangerous as say, prescription pharmaceuticals?

The latest, from David E. Gumpert at The Complete Patient blog:

“….I’m not especially enamored of the public employees in Wisconsin. Remember, they include bureaucrats with the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection, who have been going after dairy farmers with a vengeance during the last couple of years. I wouldn’t mind seeing their budgets cut so far back that many of them would have to find real jobs. But I dislike even more the scapegoating that is driving the Wisconsin budgetary situation.

It’s a situation not unlike what we face with the regulation of raw dairy. We see the regulators jump on any indication of illness, while sanctioning huge numbers of illnesses and deaths from prescription drugs and all kinds of lifestyle problems. Continue reading

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Third Annual International Raw Milk Symposium May 7, 2011 in Minnesota

Save the Date!! May 7, 2011

Third Annual International Raw Milk Symposium

In Minnesota’s Twin Cities

at the beautiful Embassy Suites Hotel in Bloomington (Complementary shuttles to the Airport and the Mall of America)

Your Food will be prepared by the hotels French-trained, award-winning Executive Chef, Pierre Jean Laupies (Stay tuned for the unveiling of our traditional foods menu)

Registration for Saturdays full day of speakers begins at 7:30 AM Continue reading

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Why I am committed to seek co-operation with Government and Regulators [regarding raw milk] — Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt

This just in from Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt. Photo via Nelson Daily

I have to be thankful for the rather degrading and heated discussion following my post about the need to support Eric and Judith in their struggle to fight for their cow share operation in Alberta.

The discussion laid open the variety of positions dealing with the issue of how to deal with the current underground raw milk trade across Canada and across Province lines. Continue reading


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Global TV covers the Judith and Eric raw milk story in Edmonton Alberta

Global TV covers Edmonton raw milk court proceedings, includes background from Michael Schmidt’s blue bus in Vaughan:

Click image above to go to Global TV page to watch video clip on the Edmonton raw milk story.

“Raw milk. As in unpasteurized. As in straight from the cow.

It’s what an Edmonton-area couple is fighting for. Judith Johnson and Henry Pudlow are even getting ready to launch a constitutional challenge. Continue reading


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Raw milk farmers Judith, Eric, Michael Schmidt and supporters on the court house steps in Edmonton Alberta

This just in from Michael Schmidt:

Standing up for our raw milk rights, on the courthouse steps in Edmonton. Photo Michael Schmidt

Two different issues, two different lawyers.

The hearing regarding the charges from Alberta agriculture against Judith Johnston have been adjourned and rescheduled for March. Continue reading

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Emergency Kit for Health Canada raids

From the


As of this posting, Health Canada’s full compliance and enforcement of the NHP Regulations is set for June 1 2011. Now is the time to equip yourself with the essential Emergency Kit for Health Canada Raids. This guide to your rights includes everything you must know and do, to try and save your reputation, your business and your livelihood, when the inspectors arrive. Continue reading

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Michael Schmidt to speak at raw milk conference May 20th, 2011 in Prague

Image above from the conference poster. Click image to download poster (711 Kb pdf file)

The conference will be in conjunction with the First International Conference on Organic Food Quality and Health Research Prague, Czech Republic, 20 May 2011, 11-18 h

Organisation: Department for Biodynamic Agriculture of the University of Kassel

The focus of the symposium will be on: Understanding the health benefits and value of fresh, unprocessed whole milk, and management of the possible risks of bacterial diseases from raw milk consumption. The goal of the symposium is to present and discuss the contradictive aspects of (raw) milk in relation to animal and human health. New scientific research findings will be presented about the different health and hazard aspects of raw milk examining the questions: Continue reading


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