Canadian Cowshare College — one-day basics course March 19, 2011, Durham

World -renowned Canadian raw milk pioneer Michael Schmidt will be teaching a one day course on the basics of running a cow share farm on March 19th, 2011 near Durham Ontario.

Bottling jars of raw milk in the Glencolton Farms dairy processing room.

Here’s a brief bio of Michael from the course description:

Michael Schmidt has defended public access to healthy foods for almost two decades.  He has been the lightning rod in two major “Milk Wars” with local Boards of Health and the provincial government, spurred on by powerful industrial farming interests, and has successfully defended the rights of cowshare programme members to consume locally produced milk, produced specifically for direct consumption.  He has a Masters in Agriculture and more than 25 years’ experience in biodynamic farming.  Currently, he is involved in the rescue of a British Columbia cowherd operation, ordered to shut down by government officials.  Michael founded Cow Share Canada early in 2010, to establish a grassroots organization and infrastructure for consumers and producers to connect and learn more about sustainable agriculture and healthy foods.

Click here to download a course description.

Click here to download an application form for the course.


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3 responses to “Canadian Cowshare College — one-day basics course March 19, 2011, Durham

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  2. Qzr

    Hello! Help me get raw milk. I live in Toronto

    my email:

    Please email me any information regarding where and how I can get raw milk!

    Thank you

  3. John

    when is this course coming to B.C.

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