Fecal matter on 72% of grocery carts, recent study finds — Globe and Mail

Erin Andersson, writing for the Globe and Mail:

“Yuck. After reading this, you may never look at your grocery cart in the same way again.

A University of Arizona researcher took a swab of 85 carts in four different states and ran tests on what he found: 72 per cent of them came back positive for fecal matter. (Half of them were also laced with E. coli.)

The bacteria was discovered mostly on the handles of the carts, suggesting that a lot of people could do a better job washing their hands after they use the toilet while we’re all scrubbing away in disgust.

Which is what the company that funded the experiment is hoping. Clorox, which makes disinfecting wipes, has a clear self-interest in making us panic about the poop that might be lurking all around us. The same researcher in the grocery-cart study, Charles Gerba, has demonstrated that the average workplace desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet – a finding also funded by Clorox. (Teachers, to no surprise, had the most germ-ridden desks; lawyers, perhaps more surprising, the least.)…”

Read it all on The Globe and Mail.com

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