Michael Schmidt raw milk stories from the past month published on the Bovine

Michael Schmidt talks to a reporter back in 2006. Sun Times photo.

We publish such a lot of news here that it’s not always easy to sift through and find the latest and most relevant if you’re just looking to follow the Michael Schmidt raw milk case. That’s why we periodically link to recent stories such as those listed below on the “Michael Schmidt updates” page of this blog.

But in case you don’t think to look there, here are the stories we’ve published over the last several weeks that relate directly to the story of Michael Schmidt and raw milk in Canada:

Cows, raw milk and marketing boards

Cowshare College basics course March 19, 2011

More on that Cowshare College course

B.C. radio host who interviewed Michael in September is new B.C. Premier

Ignoring Ontario’s Cowshare ruling will endanger future access to raw milk

A Modern Day Canadian Hero — Michael Schmidt at Slow Food in Edmonton

Food Rights a matter of the will

International Raw milk symposium in Minnesota

Why I’m committed to seek cooperation with government and regulators

Global TV covers Edmonton raw milk case

Michael’s report on the Edmonton court proceedings

Michael Schmidt to speak at Prague raw milk symposium in May

B.C.’s Fraser Health to refrain from further enforcement pending Charter challenge

Why the Alberta Cowshare case is crucial for Canada

Another review of Milk War movie debut in Vancouver


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