Raw milk cowshares spread in Alberta

From a letter to Gordon Watson in B.C. from Charlene in Edmonton Alberta:

Judith, Eric, Michael and supporters at the Edmonton court house in February 2011.

The real milk is flowing under the cover of darkness.  Hard to find a cow share but more and more people I am sure are starting them.  Found one lady who was advertising on Kiijii until I told her that it was not a good idea.  I got her a couple of customers from the Slow Food event that I attended.

Had a table display with Weston A Price Foundation and people are really interested.  A dairy farmer bought two cows from Eric for his son in law so he could start a cow share.  Eric and Judith are stalled.  The cow share members have to drive 1 1/2 hours to Eric and Judith’s to consume their milk.

On the good side now all those fear monger people who say “oh, you can’t drink raw milk even dairy farmers are not allowed to drink the milk.”  I can set them straight.   A lot of people doing goat shares or just selling goats milk.  I asked them what the law was for them and they said they don’t know.  But there are alot of goat people.

The lawyer for Alberta Health has written it up that we may want to pursue a constitutional challenge and because of the executive order he said it was open to go ahead any time without the $200.00 fee and because it was a court case it’s open to go ahead any time.  He did say that he was having to run to court too much over these kinds of issues and that the laws needed adjusting.

Right now we are dealing with Alberta Agriculture.  The guy that assaulted Judith is just a big cowboy.  You would think that we threatened his child’s life or his own personal pocket book.  Michael asked him for names of people in Alberta Agriculture so that Michael could have some dialogue and the guy was just agitated and referred to Judith in court and let the court decide.

He doesn’t like me because I was taking notes for Michael and he got so agitated.  He must know he makes blunders with his mouth and he doesn’t want it recorded.

A note regarding the fairytales:  Appeal boards = pure fairytale.

We appreciate all the work you are all doing in BC.  Thank you it will help all of us.  We are going to have Michael come out end of May beginning of June.  There is a big group in Grande Prairie eager to get together and hear him.  We have started a legal defence fund.  Slow Food Edmonton is having Michael in.

So we will gear up for some good events and continue to put together our stategy to change the legislation.  The Greater Edmonton Alliance said to put together a strategy and they would help us fix it up.  They have been very successful and getting legislation changed in Alberta.


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35 responses to “Raw milk cowshares spread in Alberta

  1. Denise Hamilton

    How does one add their support to the Alberta initiative?

  2. Great Idea – I drank lots of raw milk growing up in Surrey BC – mmmmm!

  3. Cindy

    I also want to support the Alberta Initiative….

  4. How can I support this? I would like the option to drink raw milk.

  5. How can I get in touch with the Grande Prairie group?

  6. Trevor Martin

    Anyway of getting in contact with the St. Albert people?

  7. I am looking for a place to get raw milk in the Fort McMurray area, can anyone help me out?

  8. Gloria

    Everyone should be allowed to drink raw milk without breaking the law.
    I’d like to support this initiative to reverse such a ridiculous law as well.

    We all drank it growing up & are just fine.
    Plus, raw milk makes the best homemade cheese you’ve ever tasted!!
    And I’d love to be able to make my favorite cheeses again using raw milk.

    I would participate in a cow share program, too.

  9. Marigold

    I’m looking for raw milk (dairy or goat ) near Spruce Grove/Stony Plain area. If there is anyone out there who could help me I’d really appreciate it. Thanks

  10. Tammy

    I’m looking for raw milk (dairy or goat) in the Calgary area. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d REALLY appreciate it! My doctor said raw milk would be a really good food for me but to avoid pasteurized or homogenized milk. I’m in the process of recovering from cancer and wanted to add this to my diet. Thanks for your help! And thank you everyone who is fight food freedom and the right to drink raw milk!

  11. Everyone in this thread who wants to help with raw milk in any province, please contact info@rawmilkconsumer.ca. Our initiative needs as many willing people as possible! Thanks!

  12. crystal

    Wow..I’m so glad for this artical 🙂
    Thank you!

  13. Derek Heckley

    Just read Wheat Belly and watched Farmageddon. I am planning a 180 in my diet and attitude toward government involvement in regulating ANY of our food. Their betrayal of Canadian people is complete.
    I live in Red Deer and am interested in drinking raw milk if anyone can help?

  14. I live in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and am interested in obtaining Raw Milk. I am on a Raw food diet as I believe this to be the only way to get the upmost nutrients in my body. Oh and a REALLY, really good informative documentary to watch is FOOD MATTERS! here is a link.


  15. Nicole

    I live in red deer and I want to know if I can buy raw milk because all the milk in stores make me sick but when I went on vacation in Europe I have raw milk at the farm I was staying in and nothing happens to me I actually felt good and loved the taste I realized that that’s what my body need natural so I was wondering if I can buy it in red deer anyone one where to get it from let me know thanks

  16. Richard Barrett

    I am in Calgary and am the Alberta contact for http://www.rawmilkconsumer.ca. Anyone that can not find raw milk please e-mail me at fuwmilkalberta@gmail.com or phone me and leave your phone #. I prefer to talk to you in person or at least communicate and understand where you are.

  17. Hameed

    Hello ive been looking for raw milk for years and grew up as kid drinking cow and buffalo milk back home really sad alberta has it banned i thought this was a free country? Where is the freedom to drink raw milk is a crime? Why because its healthy for us thats y? Or because its going to collaps the milk diary products profits? Please if any knows where i could get regularly raw milk or occasionally would love to have chance of drinking real milk tea or drink it thank you … Please email me at. Kenshin968@yahoo.com

  18. How can the government decide what’s good or bad for me?

  19. Paty Herschel

    Where can I buy raw milk and butter ??
    I used to consume it on the farm, now it is so hard to find.

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