15 things pasteurization kills in milk

by Mark McAfee, CEO, Organic Pastures Dairy, from Health Impact News Daily:

There are two raw milks in America: one for “people” and one for the “pasteurizer.” Raw milk meant for people is clean, pure, comes from cows on green pastures, and is regulated on a state-by-state basis. Raw milk for the pasteurizer is regulated by the FDA under the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) and can be filled with pathogenic bacteria. Raw milk intended for pasteurization is commingled from many confinement dairies and is never tested for pathogens. Pasteurization does not create clean milk; it just kills filthy milk.

The FDA sits at the very top of the PMO food chain system and reigns as the military dictator over the rules and regulations of the PMO. Yes, they wear military uniforms, and yes, they are the absolute last word at the NCIMS (National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments, the organization that runs the PMO). So I do not exaggerate when I use the term “military dictatorship.” No one moves or breathes or thinks a thought without FDA approval when it comes to pasteurized milk and its regulation.

Pasteurization has passed its time of usefulness. It may once have been seen as a scientific breakthrough to stop the deadly “milk problem” scourge of filthy raw milk from distillery dairies in the mid 1800s, but dirty milk is no longer a misunderstood challenge. Yet the FDA cannot change with science or the times or the will of the people. Instead the FDA remains steadfast in a war against all bacteria. Their battle plan, as issued and envisioned eighty years ago, remains the same today. Our government is unmoved, even though our best scientists from Yale, Princeton, and the National Institutes of Health now have proven that at least 80 percent of the human immune system comes from the protective biodiversity of bacteria living in the human gut. This taxpayer-funded war on bacteria continues with FDA’s Fight BAC! program, even though these primitive government policies are now the origin of tens of thousands of American deaths per year from devastated immune systems. Sterile foods, food preservatives and antibiotic abuse have robbed us of our health. It would seem that the FDA has no concern whatsoever for the American immune system and has but one solution: see your doctor and take an FDA-approved pill.

Raw milk is fast becoming the number one hot food topic and has emerged as a high priority health food in America. This defiant grass roots movement is fueled by the truth and the internet. People need and want clean raw milk that is produced in organic, grass-fed conditions. Raw milk retains its enzymes, good grass-fed fats, and wonderful, bio-diverse, immunesystem-rebuilding beneficial bacteria, and works wonders for the depressed immune system of the common American. Raw milk changes and saves lives, yet the FDA detests raw milk like nothing else on earth.

Tragically, pasteurization has killed much more than tuberculosis and typhoid in the 1800s (if pasteurization was even responsible for the decline of these diseases), and covers up much more than the filth of the distillery dairies of inner city Boston of 1875. Pasteurization has had massive and tragic side effects. These side effects have been ignored by the FDA and downplayed by the dairy industry. To accept the facts about raw milk would be to surrender after a hundred-year war indiscriminately waged against all bacteria—a hundred-year war that has now turned to attack the immune system of the American citizen it was promulgated to protect. Instead of fighting germs, the FDA is now killing Americans.

Pasteurization has killed much more than a few bad bugs; it is destroying the foundation of America. Here are the top 15 things that pasteurization has killed, which the FDA and big dairy industry refuse to acknowledge or discuss. To do so would be to surrender and to invite a marketing disaster. These are the reasons why the FDA and Big Dairy Ag processors fight desperately to suppress the American raw milk uprising and the truth that it speaks….”

Read it all on Health Impact News Daily.



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2 responses to “15 things pasteurization kills in milk

  1. Thanks Mark. Thanks Michael.

    I was at A Food For Thought Conference this week. In Connecticut people are asking for Raw Milk by the hundreds each week now with our Milkman delivery service. The problem is the shortage of supply. Many farms are small. The solution is for the old farms to re-open and start up Raw Milk Dairy operations again. some are already interested in doing so. Let’s talk.


    The Milkman
    The Milkman USA &
    The Milkman Company
    Fairfield, Connecticut – USA

    • nedlud

      Good job, Milkman. Good luck with it people.

      My son (21) wants to start milking on our farm, again, this fall. He bought some bred heifers last December. Used his very hard earned money. Did I say he worked hard for his money? Reminds me of myself, long ago. And why shouldn’t it?

      I wish it would be a good experience for him and that he would be fulfilled, providing a wonderful food for people who need it.

      I would love to join him and be rewarded properly for it (ie., paid fairly for my hard work and devotion) but I cannot get over the bad experiences, abuse and betrayal of times past. I cannot get over the dread of how it will be for him in the near future, laboring under a system that is so destructive and belligerent towards honest, simple motives and so patronizing to deceitful, ill conceived and downright evil ones. Perhaps if I would be compensated properly for that honest work which I did before and the losses incurred, that were not my fault…

      …but that will never happen.

      I believe this planet is becoming more and more inhabited and affected by angry ghosts (victims). I feel them every day.

      But anyway, good luck.


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