Vaccination and forced child removal

From Vaccine

Imagine this. You are an upstanding member of your community. You have a healthy, thriving daughter with a physical disability who is homeschooled. At age 13, she declares that she wants to attend public school. Your daughter is compelled to receive all vaccines mandated by your home state as a requirement for school admission. She is given a “catch up schedule” of shots. Your daughter suffers what appears to be post-vaccinal encephalitis, a serious adverse reaction to her vaccines. Among other developments, her personality changes. She is struggling with emotions and mood. She is very unhappy.

You voluntarily seek help from a local children’s center that helps families with troubled children. As part of the treatment plan, she is prescribed Risperdal, a psychotropic drug. The medication makes things worse. Your daughter is still unhappy, and now she is violent.

You pursue a second opinion, and another physician recommends that you wean your daughter off Risperdal. You do this and she improves.

Someone doesn’t like this. You don’t know who it is. He or she contacts Child Protective Services. CPS says that you need to stay on the original treatment plan. CPS issues you an ultimatum: continue the Risperdal or surrender your child.

CPS obtains a warrant to remove your daughter. The police are involved. They are knocking at your door.

Let’s assume that you are frightened out of your mind. You have a very realistic fear that someone is going to knock down your door and take your child away from you.

What would you do?

This is happening right now, for a 56 year-old mother from Detroit, a former teacher who gave up a career in dance to care for her physically disabled child. The facts are based solely on press reports and you can read more about the story on the AHRP site and the official Justice for Maryanne Godboldo site.

If you’re interested in learning more about Forced Child Removal, buy Vaccine Epidemic and read chapter 20 by Kim Mack Rosenberg, JD. She explains parental rights when CPS scrutinzes a parent’s medical choices — including vaccination and biomedical treatment for autism spectrum disorder — and parents are investigated for “medical neglect.”


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  1. Beverley Viljakainen

    Congratulations to any group of people or individuals who want to do something about this unfortunately not new situation. Informing ourselves is essential because the officials have the power . . . for the time being . . . and don’t seem to be at all interested in obtaining up-to-date, non-pharmaceutically funded research. Nor are they inclined to look into the not-insigificant incidence of vaccine-damaged children and adults. Their rationale tends to border on the pathetic, to say nothing of irresponsible. Onward . . .

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