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Big pharma salesperson gives her own version of “the real truth” about drugs

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Jack McLaren wins Ottawa provincial PC nomination over veteran Tory and former cabinet minister Norm Sterling

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt outside the courtroom in Newmarket with supporters Randy Hillier on his right and ex-Landowner Association president Jack McLaren on his left.

Jack’s Landowner Association colleague at Queen’s Park, Randy Hillier, has been an outspoken supporter of raw milk legalization, even putting forth a private members’ bill to that effect. Liberal pundits have taken note of what they see as an alarming trend towards what they’re calling extremism within the provincial Progressive Conservative party, which they say the increasing influence and presence of the Landowner candidates is an indication of.

Here’s an excerpt from the Toronto Star story by Rob Ferguson:

“Norm Sterling, a veteran Progressive Conservative MPP and former cabinet minister, has been bounced as an Ottawa-area candidate for his party in Ontario’s fall election.

Sterling, whose 34-year career at Queen’s Park began when Bill Davis was premier, lost a tense nomination battle Thursday night in the riding of Carleton-Mississippi Mills to Ontario Landowners Association activist and cash-crop farmer Jack MacLaren after ballots were tallied in the Ottawa suburb of Kanata. Continue reading


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Inspiring the next generation of farmers — Joseph Heckman on raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt as guest speaker

From The Complete Patient blog:

Michael Schmidt and Joseph Heckman at Rutgers University a few months ago. Photo via The Complete Patient blog.

“I have long felt that one of the keys to breaking through the regulatory roadblocks to easily accessing nutrient-dense foods like raw dairy is for farmers to flood the market with products the regulators want to keep from us. For that to happen, though, there need to be enough farmers willing to make the commitment and take the risks.

Farming has been a dying profession for many years, though. How are would-be farmers to be attracted away from all the career options available to take up sustainable farming? One way is for role models to emerge who can set the kind of example that inspires others to want to do the same. Continue reading

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