GMOs, vaccines, and the new eugenics — tools for covert population reduction?

“Professor Keith Campbell, a biologist at the University of Nottingham [who] works with transgenic animals, said: Genetically modified animals and plants are not going to be harmful unless you deliberately put in a gene that is going to be poisonous. Why would anyone do that in a food?”


“One long-standing project of the US Government has been to perfect a genetically-modified variety of corn, the diet staple in Mexico and many other Latin American countries. The corn has been field tested in tests financed by the US Department of Agriculture along with a small California bio-tech company named Epicyte. Announcing his success at a 2001 press conference, the president of Epicyte, Mitch Hein, pointing to his GMO corn plants, announced, “We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies.”14

“Hein explained that they had taken antibodies from women with a rare condition known as immune infertility, isolated the genes that regulated the manufacture of those infertility antibodies, and, using genetic engineering techniques, had inserted the genes into ordinary corn seeds used to produce corn plants. In this manner, in reality they produced a concealed contraceptive embedded in corn meant for human consumption. “Essentially, the antibodies are attracted to surface receptors on the sperm,” said Hein. “They latch on and make each sperm so heavy it cannot move forward. It just shakes about as if it was doing the lambada.”15 Hein claimed it was a possible solution to world “over-population.” The moral and ethical issues of feeding it to humans  without their knowing it he left out of his remarks.

“Spermicides hidden in GMO corn provided … through the generosity of the Gates’ foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and Kofi Annan’s AGRA or vaccines that contain undisclosed sterilization agents are just two documented cases of using vaccines or GMO seeds to “reduce population.”

And to continue with the theme as it applies to vaccination, here is an excerpt from a David Rothscum Reports story titled “Genocide through Vaccination is no longer just a theory“:

“A lot has been said about vaccination. Various writers have suggested that vaccines do not work, vaccines are dangerous, vaccines are a scheme for profit, and some (including this author) dare to go as far as saying that vaccination is one of the primary methods of carrying out genocide these days. As shocking and far fetched as this suggestion may seem, it is unfortunately documented in fact. I have myself reported on this before, including a series of reports on Proctor and Gamble and their “tetanus” vaccination campaign before (IIIIII).

I strongly urge those of you who are not aware of this issue to first do their own research, before continuing to read about my new findings. The evidence for genocide through mass sterilization campaigns by intentionally induced infertility through the use of vaccines is very strong as it stands. I can now however report that I have come across actual testimonies of those involved in these programs, admitting that they themselves believe they were part of an operation the goal of which was elimination of specific groups of people

The case for the theory of genocide through vaccination is summarized as following: Vaccines are purposefully contaminated with human hormones and proteins that play an important role in maintaining human fertility, and the ability to carry a pregnancy to full term. This causes the immune system to begin producing antibodies to these hormones, with infertility as a result. An example would be a vaccine that contains the beta-subunit of Human chorionic gonadotropin. Injecting someone with this can induce an autoimmune reaction that will cause the body to produce antibodies against an essential hormone for human reproduction, when the hormone is combined with a toxin such as the tetanus found in the tetanus vaccine.

In simple terms, the body understands that tetanus is a danger and prepares to defend itself against it when injected with it, but because the tetanus is found together with a hormone it normally sees as harmless, it is tricked into destroying its own hormones. This is how vaccines can, and effectively are, used to render people infertile. Nobody will ever find out unless the vaccines are analyzed, because the antibodies found in the victim will just be written off as being a spontaneous autoimmune disorder. The concerns that people have about the vaccination campaigns in the third world funded by billionaires like Bill Gates are thus unfortunately fully justified.

Most institutes involved in the programs to develop these type of anti-fertility vaccines of course maintain that they are simply doing so for benevolent purposes. They seek to develop a new and inexpensive method of voluntary birth control for people in the 3rd world. Of course these tend to be the same institutes that 40 years ago were still preaching eugenics and forcible sterilizing the “feeble minded”, but you might be convinced by them them times have indeed changed, and they no longer have ulterior motives. Some institutes however can not hide their true intentions.

The biological warfare program of South Africa while under Apartheid for example would have a more difficult time convincing the population of its benevolent intentions if it were developing an anti-fertility vaccine that can be administered without either knowledge or consent.

Unfortunately this happens to be the case. After apartheid collapsed in South Africa, some things emerged to the surface that would even shock the most devout believer in the safety of vaccination. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was created to bring closure to the dark era of apartheid. Interviewed amongst other people were members of the biological weapons program. Their testimony revealed that South Africa’s biological weapons program was actively involved in the international drive to create a vaccine that can be used to carry out genocide by sterilizing large numbers of people. The full version of the transcript that I found of the Truth and Reconciliation commission is too big to put in this article, but it can be found here.

Dr van Rensburg was a scientist who worked for a company named RRL:….”

Read the whole story here.


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7 responses to “GMOs, vaccines, and the new eugenics — tools for covert population reduction?

  1. nedlud

    Thanks for posting this.

    To think that there is not a great evil in the world, and that this evil is not expressing itself more and more outrageously, in the form of what is now being called by some, a ‘scientific dictatorship’, is beyond naive, it is evil too. Though it may mistakenly be felt as bliss.

    The bliss of the ignorant is not eternal.


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  3. C Woods

    And Monsanto and the vaccine manufacturers just got rid of all liability while the government is approving more GMOs despite emergency warnings,
    and is right now pushing to federally mandate one of the most controversial products in the country – vaccines, despite many containing a fertility damaging ingredient.

  4. C Woods

    Keeping GMOs unlabeled is a means of mandating them since there is little way to avoid them. And the government, in mandating vaccines would be mandating exposing children from birth through adulthood to a sterilizing agent, and since vaccines will always kill some people, would also be mandating deaths, and in the thousands.

  5. Will

    Where is Ralph Nader?

    How are the vaccines different from flaming Pintos he once fought, except now the government has removed the liability from the pharmaceutical industry and wants to strap people into the cars agains their will?

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  7. markii

    the original david rothscam blog is gone

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