“Radioactive milk found in the U.S.” — that milk is safe, but raw milk is NOT?

From an interview with Allen Roland, on Press TV:

“Japan has misled its citizens about the aftermath of the massive tsunami, which hit the country on March 11 causing the US-built G&E reactors to melt and release deadly levels of radiation.

Press TV interviewed Online Columnist Allen Roland regarding the nuclear disaster in Japan, and discussed how the US and the international community might be more alert to the problems that nuclear power stations may pose for the rest of humanity.

Press TV: How is this issue of the Japanese disaster being viewed in America? 

Roland: It’s always a pleasure to talk with you. Let’s put it this way. This reminds us so much of the British Petroleum situation, which was less than transparent in this incredible major leak that some people still feel is happening in the Gulf, and it has poisoned the Gulf. So here is the latest: the Wall Street Journal reports today that the EPA has now admitted that radiation is being found in American milk supplies. They say it’s safe to drink of course. In other words, radiated milk is safe but raw milk is not. So we are going through the same thing here. Remember we have a huge indefinite nuclear energy and particularly since one of the top advisors to Obama is the Former Presidents for GE who paid no taxes last year after 14 billion dollars of profit….”

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2 responses to ““Radioactive milk found in the U.S.” — that milk is safe, but raw milk is NOT?

  1. kim s. w. M.

    Let me start here, I love milk, But , if it is contaminated we should be informed. I mean I really love Milk, So this is very disturbing to me. I don’t eat cereal. But I have a glass of milk with every meal.

    You need to let me know if I am consumming radiation poisining.
    As if I am probably not getting through another source.

    Yours Truely


  2. kim s. w. M.

    That’s enough , Get off your ass and let us know what we as a family nation need to do!@#$%^&*()_P{}

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