Raw milk question from an eco-village

Bovine reader Jason Barber writes in with a question:

I have a question that i have been unable to find a solution for by searching the internet. I live and work at O.U.R ecovillage on Vancouver island. The ecovillage is a sustainable demonstration site. So needless to say we have a lot of visitors. We’ve had a cow for the last two months and now that visitor season is coming into full swing I’m wanting to protect the visitors and our own butts from legal action stemming from the consumption of raw milk.  We see two options: have all visitors sign a wavier saying that they understand the risks associated with drinking raw milk; or, have every visitor pay a $1 cow share fee and also sign a waiver.

I’m wondering if you have any more ideas that would best serve our situation, or what option would be best for our situation.

Thanks for your time and thanks for creating a blog that the world needs,

Jason Barber

Post your suggestions in the comments or write to Jason directly at jsnbrbr AT gmail DOT com


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2 responses to “Raw milk question from an eco-village

  1. Gordon S Watson

    prepare a simple waiver of liability, and have each person sign it before they drink raw milk. Especially, have each parent expressly say that they have guardianship of their child, and understand what they’re doing.

    have a sink off to the side, which has a sign up warning and informing everyone to wash their hands after petting the animals, as protection against infection with e. coli

  2. The laws are the laws.
    At the moment, BC unfortunately has the most draconian laws on the books about Raw Dairy safety in ALL OF CANADA. ( Hopefully for not too much longer ? )
    So you definitely can not “sell” it to visitors.
    You could also post signs conspicuously that “Raw Milk is not For Human Consumption” according to the BC Minister of Health .
    Then tell the adults who visit that it is a cosmetic product for external use ONLY but that what they choose to do with it is their business once they sign the waiver /release form.
    The question is : Given the overall lovely ambience of your ecovillage do you really want the extra 10-15 minutes of work to screen and “educate” each visitor about the milk ? .

    And based on past experience in Ontario and elsewhere in Vancouver and BC you most certainly WILL have undercover provincial and federal agents phoning you or coming in person for the milk samples or try and “buy it ” off of you after first ‘earning your trust” .
    This happened at Ethical Kitchen in North Vancouver and at Glencolton Farms.
    At that point a “feeling of paranoia” creeps into the otherwise lovely experience . Is it really worth it to you ?

    So I suggest keeping it as a private matter only among friends and family.

    And support the current constitional court challenge by the Our Cows (former Home on the Range) in Chilliwack , BC . Send donations to http://www.homeontherangefarms.com .

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