“Whitewash” book criticizes pasteurized milk, doesn’t mention raw milk – WTF?

Thanks to Gordon Watson for this:

WHITEWASH: The Disturbing Truth About Cow’s Milk and Your Health

by Joseph Keon

My comment ; when I first got involved in the Campaign for REAL MILK, I thought that the Pasteur-ized / homogenized stuff on store shelves was not all that bad. Not as good as wonderful, fresh whole raw milk … but at least, not harmful.   I’ve since learned that what’s in the packages at the end of the supply chain in the industrial ag. model, is so far-removed from the real thing, that to call it “milk” is consumer fraud

In his recently-published book, Whitewash, Dr Keon provides plenty of evidence to prove why “homo milk” is genuinely hazardous to public health. Although it’s good at explaining why ‘homo milk’ is very bad,   the book’s fatal flaw is, it ignores the controversy about the difference between ‘raw’ versus “Pasteurized”.

When we called for a copy to review,  and asked about that, the publisher said they were aware of the issue, but decided not to address it.  Thus, the author missed the point on one of his main themes = mainstream medicine’s obsession with getting enough calcium in the diet.

This book is worth having as a comprehensive reference as to what’s wrong with the whole system of confined animal feeding operations : garbage in = garbage out.

I predict that when Dr Keon gets around to understanding what milk really ought to be, he’ll be one of the millions of former vegetarians who are converting to drinking the good stuff

Gordon S Watson


Publisher’s introduction

North Americans are some of the least healthy people on Earth.  Despite advance medical care and one of the highest standards of living in the world, one in three Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and 50% of US children are overweight.

This crisis in personal health is largely the result of chronically poor dietary  and lifestyle choices.  In Whitewash, nutritionist Dr. Joseph Keon unveils how North Americans unwittingly sabotage their health every day by drinking milk, and shows that our obsession with calcium is unwarranted.

Citing scientific literature, Whitewash builds an unassailable case that not only milk unnecessary for human health; it’s inclusion in the diet may increase the risk of serious diseases including: prostrate, breast and ovarian cancers ; osteoporosis ; diabetes ; vascular disease ; Crohn’s disease.

Many of America’s dairy herds contain sick and immuno-compromised animals whose tainted milk regularly makes it to market.  Cow’s milk is also a sink for environmental contaminants,  and has been found to contain traces of pesticides, dioxins, PCBs, rocket fuel, and even radioactive isotopes.

Whitewash offers a completely fresh, candid and comprehensively documented look behind dairy’s deceptively green pastures, and gives readers a hopeful picture of life after milk.

Dr Joseph Keon has been a wellness consultant,  nutrition and fitness expert for over 25 years. He is considered a leading authority on public health, and has written three books, including The Truth about Breast Cancer: A Seven Step Prevention Plan and Whole Health: The Guide To Wellness of Body and Mind

PS ISBN 978-0-86571-676-6


New Society Publishers PO Box 189, 1680 Peterson Road Gabriola Island VoR 1X0 800 567 6772


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