Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the Fuller brush and the geodesic dome, had plans for tracking food products

From Justice Critic Gordon S. Watson:

Back in the late 60s, I had the privilege of seeing Buckminster Fuller speak at Simon Fraser University and UBC. One of the best thinkers of modern times, his main theme was that mankind is endlessly creative, therefore technology would ‘save’ us. I don’t believe that any more, but I am confident the solution to the controversy over dairying to obtain raw milk, safely, is available right now

Here’s the link to something I predicted about a decade ago …  a system for tracking an item of food, from producer to plate.  With a couple of tweaks, this software can be applied to every single jar of REAL MILK coming out of the milk room, from an artisanal dairy :  https://thisfish.info/about/what/

Trace-ability?  I’ll give you trace-ability ….  any given jar can be tracked back to the very cow “who” produced it, at which milking,  on what day of the week!  …  let’s see you do that, BC Dairy Producers … with your 1000s of cows on the 546 dairy farms in British Columbia, mingling all their truckloads of milk into the pipelines of two processors, then that “homo milk” sitting on 1000s of retail shelves for 30 days!!

As for the inevitable grumble about the difficulty / expense of testing for pathogens ; I notice that in the recent article about raw milk being sold at farm gates in New Zealand, as Fonterra picks up the same stuff for the commercial system,  that milk is tested every day! … one wonders =  what is it they know there, that the bright lights who operate Canada’s Stalin-ist milk marketing scheme,  can’t figure out?!

Gordon S Watson



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6 responses to “Buckminster Fuller, inventor of the Fuller brush and the geodesic dome, had plans for tracking food products

  1. thebovine

    I know he didn’t really invent the fuller brush, but wouldn’t it be funny if he did!

    • Walter's Dad

      And wouldn’t it also be funny if Gordon S. Watson was actually the cutting edge mind who, about a decade ago, envisioned a system for tracking an item of food, from producer to plate.
      Of course, traceability systems in agricultural have been around for ages (http://www.ontraceagrifood.com/documents/Traceability%20Bkgder-Apr%2007.pdf). So have computerized tracking systems for food and food animals (like the EUs TRACES program that started in the early 90s). Now software is widely available (and had been for some time) for any commodity producer or processor who chooses to use it.
      Nothing new here.

  2. thebovine

    I think one of the key points here is that the shorter the supply chain, the better it works to track back a problem to the source. And that with contemporary dairy practices of mixing the milk of hundreds of farms together, your chances of tracing a problem to its source are just about nil.

    • Walter's Dad

      Theoretically, the length of the supply chain shouldn’t matter if the traceability system is comprehensive and robust. In practice, of course, this is likely easier said than done – but not impossible. The real point here is that traceability does nothing to ensure that a safe(r) product reaches the consumer – rather, traceability just makes it easier to identify the party who caused a problem. i.e. when the damage has already been done.
      Some shortsighted idiots may disagree, but most of these are ‘over-comers’ who just want to take on a cause to make themselves feel important. Praise Allah or whatever other God you may worship.

  3. Gordon S Watson

    no, certainly nothing new from the perrennial cynic, who never has a thing to contribute to the Campaign for REAL MILK, other than his discouraging words
    It’s a beautiful spring day in British Columbia … via cowshares all over the province, 1000s of people are enjoying REAL MILK from our cows out on the fresh grass. A decade ago when I started my activity, most of those people didn’t know where to find it. Fortunately, Michael Schmidt taught us the way to prevail in this political movement is to disregard the naysayers – and just keep producing the good stuff.
    In the Evangelical circles in which I used to hang around, we’d say “What’s the first thing a Christian needs to be an over-comer?” Answer ; “something to overcome”. Point being : even idiots like Walt. Snr have a role to play in the larger picture
    the REAL MILK is flowing here today = Praise God!

  4. Bucky Fuller was a genius. His geodesic dome is one of the strongest man-made structures ever invented. http://www.domeguys.com/blog/?p=280

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