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Michael Schmidt talks raw milk at Total Health Show in Toronto Sat. & Sunday

Cow Share Canada booth at Total Health Show today in Toronto

Today Michael is speaking from 5-6 pm. Tomorrow, Sunday, he takes part in a panel on “Protecting Your Right to Natural Health”, from 2 to 4 pm.

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Radiation, chemtrails, and raw milk

From Gordon Watson:

“Our new cowshare isn’t producing much yet, nevertheless, shareholders want to know about the possibility of harmful radio-activity from our raw milk

So I called the BC Minister of Agriculture in Abbotsford.   Jane Pritchard is the deputy Chief Veterinarian. She says that the BC Centre for Disease Control has a Q & A section on its website, to do with this topic. She told me that the air quality is being monitored, and has shown no “spike” in radio-activity. Continue reading


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