Radiation, chemtrails, and raw milk

From Gordon Watson:

“Our new cowshare isn’t producing much yet, nevertheless, shareholders want to know about the possibility of harmful radio-activity from our raw milk

So I called the BC Minister of Agriculture in Abbotsford.   Jane Pritchard is the deputy Chief Veterinarian. She says that the BC Centre for Disease Control has a Q & A section on its website, to do with this topic. She told me that the air quality is being monitored, and has shown no “spike” in radio-activity.

If such a spike does occur, all the dairy farms in BC will be alerted. The plan is then to put all cows indoors, and give them only feed which has been stored.

When I asked for the name of a lab. where I can get our milk tested, she said that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency lab. is overwhelmed with samples from Japan, so they’re sending everything to labs outside British Columbia.

Radio-active iodine 131 has a half-life of 8 days. Meaning ; every 8 days, there’s half as much left of the original material. Myself, I feel there are many, more-important things to be concerned about, than a miniscule amount of dust thrown up by the steam explosion at the nuclear reactor, 4000 miles away. For instance = chemtrails.    Walking around Burnaby today, I spot the plane ‘way up there, hard at work spewing spreading its load of filthy nano-particles of aluminium and barium and God-only-knows-what-else, obscuring the sky, stealing our sunlight.   The trademark chilly wind under a chemtrail haze reminds me of how beautiful and warm days used to be at in April … 44 years ago, when Donovan was singing “ …must be the Season of the Witch …”…”

Gordon S Watson

Triple A Dairy www.freewebs.com/bovinity


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3 responses to “Radiation, chemtrails, and raw milk

  1. mark

    Down with Chemtrails! If this is an unknown term to you then please watch the hit documentary What in the World are They Spraying? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K9rXydMmfw

    Be outraged!!!!

  2. Darcy

    I am completely aware of the evil process of chemtrailing, as it goes on daily in Kamloops, BC. Sadly, it is very, very difficult to make others aware that it is happening, even when you stand under a high flying silent jet spewing out it’s toxic poisonous load and point it out directly to people. The standard response is, “oh, that’s just condensation trails.” Then you can watch with the people as those ‘condensation trails’ mushroom and spread out until it forms a filthy disgusting haze and they still say, “oh, those are just clouds.” It is almost impossible to inform those who refuse to see what is happening, even when shown first hand examples. Meanwhile, we are all being poisoned daily, deprived of our right to health giving sunshine, clean air and water, and soils and vegetation free of a toxic overload of aluminum, barium, strontium and what other various biological deadly additives they decide to throw into the mix that day. Disgusting!!! And the sad part is, the government is fully funding this operation with our tax dollars. When will enough people open their eyes and begin to see this atrocity for what it is? Only when people are willing to step out of their hypnotic TV and mass media induced trance will we begin to see the required level of outrage and protest towards this insidious evil to produce the tipping point necessary for change to take place.

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