New legislation to allow residents in Vermont to teach home milk processing

You wouldn’t think they’d need a special law for such an obviously good thing, but that seems to be the way things are these days. However, Vermont is perhaps one of the most progressive areas in the United States, and it’s encouraging to learn that legislators there were amenable to enshrining these important rights in law. From The Burlington Free Press:

MONTPELIER — A Vermont farm advocacy group that was ordered to stop offering raw milk workshops will get to resume the classes under a bill proposed in the state Legislature.

Rural Vermont had taught people how to turn raw milk into butter, yogurt and cheeses until it received an order to stop or face possible legal action from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture on Feb. 10.

The state said the group violated Vermont law “by holding classes in which raw milk is processed and served,” Daniel L. Scruton, the agency’s dairy chief, wrote in the order.

Supporters of raw milk say that pasteurization, which kills harmful bacteria and extends shelf life, depletes milk of beneficial nutrients. But the federal government doesn’t allow sales of raw milk because of concerns about food-borne illness. States can allow raw milk sales as long as the milk doesn’t cross state lines.

Since the classes stopped, Rural Vermont, which has held about 30 of them around the state in the past year, has heard from nearly 300 consumers and farmers and has been pressing the agency for a change, executive director Jared Carter said.

Last week, the Senate Agriculture Committee passed a catchall agriculture bill — supported by the agency — that changes Vermont’s 2008 law, from allowing the sale of raw milk for drinking to allowing consumers to turn raw milk into other products.

“It protects the right of farmers to sell their milk and it protects the rights of consumers to do what they want in their kitchen,” Carter said….”

Read it all on The Burlington Free Press.

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