Backyard Chicken-keeping in Toronto

From “Update on Toronto Chicken Law” blog:

There is finally a feeling of optimism among chicken-keepers and chicken-supporters on the issue of legalizing backyard hens in the City of Toronto.

It is important to understand how the process of changing a bylaw works, and thus the chart. Right now the chicken file is in the Policy Development phase. The next step is a written report. Once the report is written, it will go to one of the Committees, likely the Licensing and Standards Committee. The Committee can then recommend, amend or reject the proposal (50% vote in favour is required).

If it is recommended, it will go to Council for vote (again 50% in favour required).

Finally, if Council votes in favour of it, the bylaw change will be implemented.

What can we do?

The public has input through this whole process. You can contact Councillors at any time, write letters and make deputations to the Committee. The Committee meeting is open to all, and a decision is made at the end of the meeting…..”

Read it all on Toronto

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