Crippling trade in real food in the name of “food safety” — Bill S-510 already?

Underground sources report that U.S. food safety legislation is already being implemented. Here are a few snippets:

S510 is going into effect.  For those who supported it, arguing it was needed and wasn’t going to destroy local farmers and food producers, here is the reality.

This radio show gives detail.  Listen to the podcast at:

They are using it to try to shut down Mike Callicrate and/or people doing the same work he is, with HACCP.   He produced raw beef and delivers it fresh every day, within just hours of grinding it (or cutting, too?).  They are imposing a “test and wait” rule, in which ground beef (or other kinds, too?) has to be tested daily (sent off for tests?) and then held for test results (for days).  This would kill the business of anyone producing fresh meat.

Also using HACCP to close the finest local cheese makers in the country.  (Video of how hard these people are trying to comply and how clean their operations.)


HACCP ain’t the half of it.  Wisconsin Dept. of Ag held seminars the beginning of April to educate produce growers and packers as to what will be involved in inspections.  The supporters of locally grown have been co-opted by the new slogan “Buy local-Buy safely”.  That unless the produce is inspected it isn’t safe, although everyone thought that there would be time before on the ground implementation of the FSMA it just isn’t going to be delayed.

Information how bed and breakfast operations cannot as institutions use their own eggs because of salmonella concerns and must buy Federally inspected eggs, even though they can sell the eggs at the farmers markets they can’t serve them to borders.  In light of the Iowa egg situation I don’t see the logic in this, but those behind this are not logical, they and their minions are just evil… — PG

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