Lies, damned lies, and “Food Safety”

M. Gray, from Op Ed

Risk Assessment in the hands of centralized corruptible agencies is no protection for consumers as the disease and health epidemic in the U.S. linked to over processed, industrial foods shows. Even while the U.S. is at the epicenter of the food related public health crises, the U.S. government is trying to export its Food laws which deregulate the industry and over regulate ordinary citizens and small enterprise. This deregulation of the big and toxic and over regulation of the small and ecological is at the core of Food Fascism …” — Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva doesn’t mince words. Food safety is food fascism. Goebbels is equally straightforward.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

What’s the truth?

Michael Taylor, the Monsanto executive who gave this country rBGH, deregulated GMOs, and kept GMOs all unlabeled, thanks to Obama, is “The Food Safety Czar” at the FDA.

That Czar, “[t]he person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history,” has been using “food safety” as a weapon against small local farms and local food co-ops.

The consequences of the lie can not longer be hidden. They are showing up in Missouri andMissouriSouth DakotaPennsylvaniaGeorgiaNew YorkMichiganVermontCalifornia (armed attack – Video), MassachusettsMassachusettsMaineWisconsinWisconsin, and most recently in Washington ….

The places being shut down are providing the most wholesome and nutritious food available and their tests come back clean, but the places are closed down regardless, often with no means of reopening. They problems is they are not within a just or even rational legal framework but one run by Monsanto, a company which devised a means to sue farmers for labeling their milk honestly, as rBGH-free.

Requirements farmers are being asked to meet include such violations of civil and human rights as keeping the names, addresses and phone numbers of customers and limits of on how much milk they can produce (If the milk is safe, on what basis does the state limit how much can be produced? And what other food has limits on production?). They face closings over missing a single page of pasteurization information, and shutting down of a food club with demands for paper work and names of customers even without charges being filed.

There are no “food safety” violations here, only the violation of a corporation shutting people down who are providing safe food and cutting off people depending on them for that food.

The list of raids since Obama came in is incomplete. It comes on top of SWAT team raids that occurred under Bush – also without reasonable cause, and repeatedly against a single farmer, and sometimes without any cause.

Food (especially milk products) and even equipment are seized by state agents without a warrant and destroyed (in sometimes running into hundreds of thousands of dollars of losses) which is followed by destruction of the farmers’ own food, stored for his family for the year. None is replaced and the farmer is not compensated.

Under such an FDA regime, “food safety” has lost all meaning. It is a farce of paperwork and a complex, irrelevant (to true safety of food) regulations which allow for governmental discretion in how standards must be met or maliciously assuring they can never be met, and in how penalties are applied. It is an arrangement that keeps doors wide open to willful government injustices. Lost in this complicated, pretense-filled, science-sounding bureaucratic system is the fact that “food safety” has nothing whatever to do with the actual safety of the food.

When it comes to literal food safety, the FDA, tasked to protect food, has illegally allowed antibiotics, hormones and slaughterhouse waste (all banned for years in Europe) to enter the food supply, along with pesticides and GMOs, with none ever having been tested for safety in humans. And those toxic items remain there today despite decades of studies (by scientists outside the FDA) proving their danger conclusively. How many people have died from this exposure, and not from acute infections but from chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more?

Those toxic substances are all corporate products and the bases of the immense profits to Monsanto, agribusiness in general, the food industry, and especially to the pharmaceutical industry which both sells the toxins and many of the food “additives” and then, after the food is consumed, swoops in like a vulture to pick the bones clean from perhaps the most profitable aspect of all – the steadily increasing diseases it and its brother corporations are assuring.

America does produce safe food but it is produced outside of the industrial based on drugs chemicals, animal confinement, and GMOs. It comes only from the farms Monsanto is working to shut down.

That FDA is concerned with “food safety” is a fiction propped by propaganda. This is perhaps best exemplified by the raids occurring now, most of them involving raw milk.

The “food safety” stage was set by a long standing government smear campaign around raw milk’s alleged threat to health, giving the public the impression that the FDA was on the job protecting them from dangerous pathogens on farms. The public was unaware of how often the government accused farmers of producing milk with salmonella or another pathogen, shut the farmer down for a few weeks, and put that scare-mongering news in the media. But when the tests came back clean, that did not make the news. In the meantime, the farmer’s reputation was damaged and weeks of income were lost. Farmers, to defend themselves, began taking samples at the same time the government did, and having independent labs quickly confirm the milk was safe, undermining the government ruse.

In any case, the false accusations did not dampen the rapidly growing demand for raw milk….”

Read more and see all the videos on OpEd News.


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5 responses to “Lies, damned lies, and “Food Safety”

  1. Tony

    Bullshit – our food safety is based on years of problems – some people believe the moon is still made of cheese and some believe we should all drink raw milk . If we all drank raw milk many people would be injured

  2. David

    And some believe the FDA and CDC which have hidden from the public and doctors that pasteurized milk is contaminated with the Crohn’s bacteria.

    And CDC has been shy to tell people that raw milk is 35,000 times safer than other foods.

    Don’t you write other stupid things at other sites? A paid troll for agribusiness?

  3. Nutmeg

    Tony says “If we all drank raw milk many people would be injured.” No one is trying to make everyone drink raw milk. We have a RIGHT to eat and drink what we choose, whether it be raw milk, the pastured chickens raised by our neighbors, or Pop Tarts. If you prefer to consume pasteurized homogenized milk and the
    industrial food products of agribusiness, you may. Just don’t try to force me and my family to do so.

  4. Tab

    Perhaps Tony should visit a small family dairy farm, and a large agribusiness dairy farm, see how they both are run and how the animals are treated, and see the test results from both types of milk, and maybe he would begin to understand why some of us prefer our food the way our ancestors had it. And I agree with Nutmeg. If one prefers pasturized, homogenized milk with whatever else is in it from the processing, enjoy it, but don’t try to require me and my family to injest the same thing. Our health is doing just fine without all the junk.

  5. Right on Tab! If some people want to eat potato chips for breakfast that’s fine as long as I can co-own a cow and drink its milk.

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