First Cow Share Canada accredited raw milk farm targeted by Gov’t agents

Press Statement [from Michael Schmidt] regarding recent inappropriate anti raw milk actions by Government agents in Ontario:

Farm of Cathy and Paul Noble, near Arthur, Ontario. Photos from yesterday's meeting.

Government Agencies of Ontario on behalf of certain interest groups has been trying lately to jeopardize and undermine the current legal standing of cow shares in Ontario.

Michael Schmidt’s acquittal on all charges relating to the Milk Act and the Health and Promotion Act has created concerns within the dairy industry, and related Government Agencies.

Media were on hand to document this citizen action in support of raw milk rights.

For seventeen years Schmidt’s repeated efforts to engage in a constructive dialogue with all agencies involved have fallen on deaf ears despite that Canada is the only G8 country with a raw milk prohibition.

After his acquittal Schmidt immediately founded Cow Share Canada Inc. to establish guidelines and logistics for the education, training and accreditation of Cow Share operations in order to provide cow share members with quality standards for the production of raw milk in Ontario.

Concerned citizens share a toast of the good stuff!

He created Cow Share College with the help of Tim Wightman the leading Cow Share specialist in the US and trained so far over 25 farmers. This is, along with testing and inspection, a requirement in order to get accredited as a “legal cow share” operation in Ontario.

Several weeks ago cow share operators send raw milk samples into the Government funded food lab to be tested for food safety purposes. Their request was denied with the explanation that only licensed dairy farms are allowed to test their milk in this lab.

Raw raw raw!

After detailed inquiries and requests for information by the President of the National Farmers Union of Ontario, the Agri Food Lab at the University of Guelph admitted that they had been ordered from above to deny testing to cow share operations. Sean McGivern the NFU Ontario President forced a review of this non-existing policy and resolved the matter within a few days. This once again shows that this issue is all about power and control and not about food safety.

Recently Paul and Cathy Noble became the first farmers to receive their accreditation from Cow Share Canada. Subsequently they got flooded with requests for memberships.

Visiting the barn and the cows that produce the much celebrated raw milk.

Last week 5 Government agents tried to enter the farm, which was denied. They threatened the farmers couple that it would be in their best interest to meet with them and discuss their illegal activity.

Radio interview about to take place at the farm.

After many unsuccessful attempts by Paul Noble to reach them they informed the Nobles in the evening before the proposed meeting day that “it was not necessary to meet anymore”. Most likely because they heard that immediately after the news broke of their failed intimidation attempt that a major support rally was to take place at the farm.

Despite very bad weather many supporters and cow share members showed up for the rally, confirming their willingness to stand and protect their farmer with whatever it takes.

Thanks to all for standing on guard for all our basic liberties.

See our earlier stories on this farm:

Regulators on the march in Ontario

A line in the dirt


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8 responses to “First Cow Share Canada accredited raw milk farm targeted by Gov’t agents

  1. thebovine

    Those look like Ayrshire cows. Somebody has done their A1 A2 homework here.

    • Paul Noble

      These are Guernsey cows. It is the Guernsey breed which has the highest percent of A2 milk.
      Thanks again for everyone’s support.
      Words can not express the gratitude we feel.

  2. Haven’t the Ontario health authorities heard of the Supreme Court?

    Such actions should be held in contempt of court, and the government officials perpetrating them thrown in jail until they testify as to why they saw fit to defy the Supreme Court of Ontario’s strongly-worded ruling in favour of herd-share operations.

    They appear to think this is the United States, where an Amish dairy was recently raided.

  3. Peter Allen

    How do I Become acredited?

  4. Jessica Oelschlagel - Miss Teen Wellington County World

    Farmers Feed Cities! 🙂 I believe if the government can suck money out of people for cigarettes then they can let farmers allow poeple to purchase raw milk to make a profit. Vegtables are also becoming carriers of these terrible bacterias … I dont think the government can say no more eating vegtables unless you want to smuggle them illegally.. it’s not the milk we need to worry about its our environment and how we are treating it.

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  6. we are looking for people that want to farm and have
    a garden share and farm share on 100 acers
    in new brunwick

    Alisha Hillman

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