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Raw milk warning — Do you know where YOUR raw milk comes from?

By Gary Wilson, special to The Bovine:

If you are looking for a source of raw cow’s milk to drink, you should be aware that not all cow’s milk is created equal. If you fail to investigate the methods employed in producing the raw milk you plan to drink, not only might you not get any nutritional benefits that you hoped for but you might be consuming raw milk that puts your health at risk.

As part of his study performed from 1932 to 1942, Francis Pottenger, Jr., MD compared the effects of feeding cats a diet of two thirds raw milk with one third raw meat to a diet of two thirds pasteurized milk with one third raw meat. While cats on the raw milk with raw meat remained healthy generation after generation, those on pasteurized milk with raw meat did not. The raw milk in this portion of the study came from cows fed fresh feed. Continue reading


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Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt to speak at 3rd annual raw milk symposium in Minnesota May 7th

Happening next weekend:

Click image to go to symposium website.

Held at the Beautiful Embassy Suites Hotel in Bloomington
(Complimentary shuttles to the Airport and the Mall of America)

Your Food will be prepared by the hotel’s
French-Trained, Award-Winning
Executive Chef, Pierre Jean Laupies
(Stay tuned for the unveiling of our Traditional Foods Menu)

Registration for Saturday’s full day of speakers begins at 7:30 AM 
Dinner with keynote address by Michael Schmidt starts at 5:30 PM

Featured Speakers for Saturday’s Program: Continue reading

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Eric Schlosser, “Fast Food Nation” author, on why being a foodie is NOT “elitist”

From the Washington Post: Video clip of Eric Schlosser is not directly related.

“At the American Farm Bureau Federation’s annual meeting this year, Bob Stallman, the group’s president, lashed out at “self-appointed food elitists” who are “hell-bent on misleading consumers.” His target was the growing movement that calls for sustainable farming practices and questions the basic tenets of large-scale industrial agriculture in America. Continue reading

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