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Surprising developments unfold in raw milk legal drama in Edmonton Alberta

This just in from Michael Schmidt who is in Edmonton Alberta today:

This time around we had a very constructive discussion with the crown procecutor for a joint resolution of this Alberta cow share case. Hopefully by June or July we will be able to bring closure to this drama.

Michael Schmidt (left) was in Edmonton again today to help with court proceedings on the raw milk case involving Judith Johnson (centre) and Eric Pudlow (right).

The man in the center (of the photo below) had called Alberta health because of a personal vendetta. After realizing how much pain he created as a result he came forward and asked for forgiveness from Judith and Eric. This simple complain activated a major crackdown with enormous consequences for a farming couple which provided a service for people in need of real food. Continue reading


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Hiding how factory food is grown “behind closed doors”

From a New York Times editorial:

People are getting more sensitive to the ethical dilemmas involved with what can easily be seen as systematic torture of other species for corporate gain. In this picture (from Tumblr) , rabbits are restrained for "scientific" testing of chemical products. Will pictures like this soon be verboten?

“A supermarket shopper buying hamburger, eggs or milk has every reason, and every right, to wonder how they were produced. The answer, in industrial agriculture, is “behind closed doors,” and that’s how the industry wants to keep it.

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Shaping food and agriculture policy

From Marler Clark’s Food Safety News blog:

“Eight major foundations announced Tuesday that they have launched an initiative to solve long-term national and international food and agriculture policy issues.

Called AGree, the effort is being funded by the Ford Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, The McKnight Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and The Walton Family Foundation. Continue reading

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The raw milk learning continues with Canadian Cowshare College, Level II

Cowshare College is all about sharing the know-how required to produce safe healthy raw milk. Glencolton Farms will be offering Level II of this training on June 18, 2011. Details below:

Raw milk farmer and course leader Michael Schmidt talks with supporters at a news conference.

For those who have completed the Basics workshop, Cowshare College – Level II is a half-day workshop on Saturday, June 18, 2011, from 9 am to 1 pm, which is the final training step in the credentialing process for producers who wish to be on Cow Share Canada’s referral list. Continue reading


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