Surprising developments unfold in raw milk legal drama in Edmonton Alberta

This just in from Michael Schmidt who is in Edmonton Alberta today:

This time around we had a very constructive discussion with the crown procecutor for a joint resolution of this Alberta cow share case. Hopefully by June or July we will be able to bring closure to this drama.

Michael Schmidt (left) was in Edmonton again today to help with court proceedings on the raw milk case involving Judith Johnson (centre) and Eric Pudlow (right).

The man in the center (of the photo below) had called Alberta health because of a personal vendetta. After realizing how much pain he created as a result he came forward and asked for forgiveness from Judith and Eric. This simple complain activated a major crackdown with enormous consequences for a farming couple which provided a service for people in need of real food.

The man in the middle of the picture was the subject of most of the court documents provided but always blacked out. Seen here with Judith (left) and Eric (right).

Judith and supporters discussing the latest round of negotiation with the proscecutor.


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3 responses to “Surprising developments unfold in raw milk legal drama in Edmonton Alberta

  1. Russ

    The surprising development is the guy that started all of this has asked forgiveness? A little late for that!

    When you say bring closure, do you mean they can go forward and continue to run their cow share?

  2. thebovine

    Yes, that’s the surprising development. As for what Michael means here by “closure”, we’re just publishing what little information we have on the story. And looking forward to future unfolding of the full details.

  3. Russ

    It would have been more surprising had Eric clocked him one in the mouth! That’s all well and good but what does his “I’m sorry” going to do for Eric and Judith now that he has them closed down?

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