Michael Schmidt off to Europe to talk about the raw milk repression and resistance here in North America

Update from Michael Schmidt, who for a brief while, is back at his farm in Durham Ontario before heading off to Prague for another raw milk conference:

Vive la difference -- raw milk automats are a popular form of distribution across Europe.

Last week was like running a marathon, a raw milk marathon. Many new and interesting developments are happening across the North American continent which are not all positive I have to say.

The focus at the 3rd International Raw Milk Symposium was twofold.

1. Brilliant research was presented about the nutritional importance of nutrient dense and unaltered food.

2. The realisation that consumers have to begin to understand their role to become co-producers of the food they want.

Coming fresh from the Edmonton court case made me realize the tragic consequences many have to face lacking the freedom to be able to make informed choices.

On a positive note however one can see how more and more people begin to take the path of resistance and the the path of reclaiming their rights.

My own path through the regulatory insanity only made clearer to me the need of holding up the principles of respect and the determination to help our next generation to still have the right to good food.

The resolve amongst many is growing that we have no choice left but to take a stand. The willingness to sacrifice for the right to healthy food amongst all is growing.

The next international Raw Milk symposium will return to Canada, this time to BC another hotspot in the battle for food rights.

Today I am leaving for Prague to present a picture of our food rights battles across North America.

This will turn some heads on a continent where you can find raw milk dispensers in schools on roads and at food markets.

The great tradition of good food in Europe would never grant a similar development of food dictatorship as we allowed here to happen. That’s my hope. That’s my goal to paint this dire picture of food dictatorship in North America.

More to follow once I am in Prague.

When I am back I will have travelled 25000 kilometers in less than 4 weeks. Not bad for some one who rather likes to farm.

Read more about the Prague conference at which Michael will be speaking.


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4 responses to “Michael Schmidt off to Europe to talk about the raw milk repression and resistance here in North America

  1. thebovine

    I’m sure the subject of the status of raw milk in North America will be and has been the subject of much incredulity among Europeans, for whom acceptance of raw milk is pretty much a fact of life — not that it represents that much of the total market share or seriously threatens the dominance of the food giants.

  2. Congrats on a good symposium!

    I see the next one is planned for BC. I’m willing to help coordinate to whatever extent I can on a small island.

  3. thebovine

    Latest update on their itinerary is that Michael reported five hours ago that “Elisa and I arrived safely in Amsterdam waiting 5 hours for the next flight”. I guess that means they should be flying on to their next destination about now!

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