Rally for food and farm freedom Monday May 16 in Washington

From Kimberly Hartke’s blog:

Ms. Moo goes to Washington. Photo: Kimberly.

Farmers will bring a dairy cow to Washington, D.C. this coming Monday, to do some lobbying of her own. The grass hungry (former) heifer will “demonstrate” that the 4 legged ruminants of the bovine race prefer to be fed on pasture, not in an industrial facility. She will then gift Upper Senate Park with a fertile layer of microbally alive manure in hopes of improving the Congressional ecosystem.

The Washington Post tipped the cow story on their blog yesterday. To the shock and awe of the FDA, within eyeshot of the Capitol Dome, people will partake of the udderly available milk which, as it happens is from out of state. But to our knowledge there is no law preventing an actual cow crossing state lines to feed her patrons, only farmers are forbidden to do so. So, this is a legal and peaceful action on the part of mother cow (with a little help from her farmer friends).

This blogger is still trying to uncover the identity of this activist cow, but apparently, her name is being closely guarded for fear of incurring injunction orders and interstate transportation bans. After all, she has a calf and farm family to feed back in her home state, and many folks depend on her for sustenance. She can’t afford to get on the FDA radar screen.

Congressman Ron Paul plans to put an end to raw milk hairsplitting, and hasintroduced legislation to actually allow U.S. citizens to be free to choose their own beverage, regardless of what state it comes from.

A cousin of the Amish farmer (who started this tempest in a milk jug), is planning to bicycle from Rockingham County, VA to Washington to raise financial support for the cause and attend the rally (that’s a looong way for those of you who don’t know).  To follow Larry Alderfer Fisher’s wild raw milk ride (affectionately dubbed A Cold Cup) in twitter, follow @fusionentrprise.

If you would like to see the FDA out of your kitchen cupboards, and more cows luxuriating on green pasture, you are cordially invited to the raw milk ‘drink-in’ on Capitol Hill, this Monday, May 16 at 10:00am. Park your four wheels at Union Station and hoof it on over to join your fellow, grown up Americans, who don’t need Big Brother telling them what to ingest.

It is going to be quite a party, maybe rivaling the one in Boston Harbor two centuries ago…care for ‘fresh’ milk in your tea?

More details are available on http://grassfedonthehill.com. The Twitter hashtag for the event is #rawmilkrally.


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2 responses to “Rally for food and farm freedom Monday May 16 in Washington

  1. cheryl

    Go, Go, Go, more power to you all!
    Go, Baby, Go Hope the senator gets a glassful to drink too!

  2. cheryl

    I found this in my sent mail box from way back in 2006 when this milk incident first happened. Since then things have not gotten much better. There is more awareness but not much progress in Michigan. Due to the new ruling tyrannt, our state may actually be pushed back into the age of ignorance, where children believe that food only comes from a factory and have never eaten fresh or raw foods before in their lives.
    The farmer was eventually found innocent and some compensation was supposed to be given but I haven’t kept up with the story lately. No more raids but like I said with the new King (governor) there might be soon.

    Family Farms Coop: Important News from Richard
    Dear Family Farms Coop Customer,
    We are sending out this e-mail with the help of our customers to
    inform you of the events of 10/13/06.

    I was on my way to our buyer’s club in Ann Arbor Michigan on
    Friday, 10/13/06 when I was pulled over by the state police just out
    side of Ann Arbor. I was served with a search warrant for the
    delivery truck by Mike Yuhuz from the Michigan State Agricultural
    Department. At this time they seized 450 gallons of raw milk, 29
    quarts of fresh cream, 11 quarts of kefir, 4 quarts of buttermilk, 9
    quarts of yogurt, and 29 pounds of butter, my cell phone, all of our
    milk coolers, and invoices for that day’s distributions. They refused
    me any calls to distribution location to inform our customers of my
    delay or Annette. When I asked why they were doing this, Mike Yuhuz’s
    reply was “You are distributing unmarked products.” After they
    realized they couldn’t haul all the seized products in their minivan,
    Mike Yuhuz gave me the option of reloading my truck and hauling
    products to Lansing for them or seizing my truck and products and
    leave me responsible for my own way home. I agreed to take the
    products to Lansing for them if they would release my truck to me to
    drive home.
    I was released from East Lansing at 2:30 p.m. to return home
    only to find at the same time that same morning Annette was served
    with a warrant and our property at which time they seized our
    computer, ( NOTE: we still have no computer or email!!) all cow share
    records, cow herd release agreements, rolodex, invoices, current
    order sheets, products sheets, delivery schedules, and all raw dairy
    products in storage on the farm. Upon reading the warrant at home, I
    found that a customer of ours at the Ann Arbor location was a
    Michigan Department of Agriculture agent who had signed a cow share
    contract in early May after he tried to purchase milk the week before
    without a cow share contract. He made 10 purchases of various
    products between May and October 2006. It was noted in the warrant
    the milk was tested to be and proven to be raw milk of very high
    quality by the Michigan Department of Agriculture on more than one
    occasion. At this time, there are no charges pending investigation. I
    have been in contact with Peter Kennedy, attorney for the Weston A.
    Price Foundation, and Aajonus Vonderplanitz, an attorney who
    originally set up our cow share program.
    On Friday, 10/20/06, we will make delivery to Morgan & York in
    Ann Arbor at the regular time, then go on to Birmingham Unitarian
    Church for delivery at the regular time with meat and egg products.
    At this time, the only way to order is by our home phone, 269-476-
    8883. Regarding Chicago area deliveries, we hope to make a delivery
    of all products 10/23/06 to scheduled locations at scheduled times.
    As for this Monday, 10/16, we will be at scheduled locations at
    scheduled times with as many products as possible. We don’t have any
    current orders for what was seized on Friday.

    Call the home number for orders 269-476-8883. Annette and I
    thank you all for your support and prayers over the past two days. We
    look forward to serving all of you again soon. Richard and Annette
    Hebron and family.

    The officials with the Michigan Department of Agriculture who
    searched and seized both property from our truck and property from
    our home are listed below with phone and fax numbers.
    Terrance Philibec, Dairy Supervisor, MDA, direct phone: 616-356-
    0600; fax: 616-356-0622
    Mike Yuhuz, Elizabeth Hunt, MDA agents: 989-757-7501

    We will very soon send another email with suggestions for action
    you can take, especially with contacts and testimonials to Michigan
    State representatives who are willing to help us right now. Please
    stay tuned.

    Marilyn Kefirlady
    Please join our chat group:

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