Capitol hill rally in support of raw milk

David E. Gumpert reports from Capital Hill on the Complete Patient blog:

Morgan the cow munches grass in front of admirers at a rally in support of Amish farmer Dan Allgyer, who is the target of a federal court action. Photo David E. Gumpert, The Complete Patient blog

“For a short time, I thought there might be some opponents to raw milk at today’s rally in Washington to support Amish farmer Dan Allgyer. But alas, it was three people from PETA, the animal rights organization, including one dressed as a cow. No one volunteered to come assert opposition to raw milk.

So the rally included nearly 400 supporters of Allgyer, along with Morgan, a cow who was, of course, the center of attention. A close second was a table where supporters passed out samples of raw milk from about 30 gallons imported for the occasion, with the U.S. Capitol in the background…along with signs that insistently warned, “Drink at your own risk.”

Among a half dozen speakers who railed against the FDA was Jonathan Emord, a Washington lawyer who specializes in representing individuals and business hit on by the the FDA. He may become involved in the Allgyer case, in which the FDA has sought a permanent injunction against the farmer for shipping raw milk to the food club outside Pennsylvania. Emort gave a pretty fiery speech for a lawyer.

“When a major pharmaceutical company commits fraud in a new drug application, or markets a drug that causes heart attacks and strokes in tens of thousands of people, far from stopping the company, the FDA stands in defense of it.

“But when a humble Amish farmer dares sell unpasteurized milk, the FDA gets down to business…FDA spent a year investigating Dan and entrapping him…They should be ashamed of themselves! This nation was built by yeoman farmers just like Dan Allgyer.”…”

Read it all on The Complete Patient blog.

And here’s a related story from Augie’s “Journal of Natural Food and Health” titled “FDA dragon slayer speaks out on Amish raw milk sting”:

“Attorney Jonathan Emord has brought down FDA eight times in federal court, six on grounds of First Amendment rights, including cases on health claims on dietary supplements. Congressman and Dr. Ron Paul calls Jonathan “a hero of the health freedom revolution” and says “all freedom-loving Americans are in [his] debt . . . for his courtroom [victories] on behalf of health freedom.”  I asked permission to post his article published today at and he immediately responded positively. Coincidentally, the rally in support of the Amish family busted was held today on Capitol Hill in D.C. Even a cow was brought in and raw milk from across the state line was enjoyed by all in defiance of FDA’s sting.–Augie


By Attorney Jonathan Emord
Author of “The Rise of Tyranny” and
Global Censorship of Health Information
May 16, 2011

Dan Allgyer, an Amish farmer from Pennsylvania, finds himself an enemy of the state. He is an enemy not because he is a violent man, not because he performs acts that threaten the lives or properties of others, and not because he is involved in some plot to overthrow the government. Dan Allgyer is a humble farmer whose “crime” consists of selling raw milk harvested from his cows to people who ask for it, including those who want it from Maryland and the District of Columbia.

In late 2009, FDA agents began a sting operation designed to catch Dan “in the act” of selling to out of state residents refrigerated (but unpasteurized) milk harvested from his own cows. FDA does not contend that any of Dan’s milk is contaminated with harmful pathogens and, indeed, none of it has resulted in a single complaint of injury. Rather, FDA’s case is based on the fact that the raw milk Dan sells is unpasteurized. Believe it or not, the sale of unpasteurized milk interstate is a federal crime. FDA views the crime as a very serious matter without regard to whether the milk sold is in fact unsafe. Indeed, FDA is pleased to spend tax dollars imposing the full weight of federal power on any dairy farmer who dares sell fresh, refrigerated milk from healthy cows to someone from out of state. Never mind that this practice is as old as the republic and, but for discrete instances when industrial farms sold milk from sick cows, raw milk has been as safe, if not safer than, pasteurized milk.

The case of Dan Allgyer is a quintessential example of abuse of federal power. Only a government possessed of too much unconstrained power would view an Amish dairy farmer as a public enemy. This nation was built by yeoman farmers who are Dan Allgyer’s immediate predecessors. The nation they constructed was instituted among men to protect the rights of the governed, not to deprive an honest working man of his living. The Constitution made defense of individual liberty the paramount objective. Liberty, as Thomas Jefferson aptly defined it for an entire generation of American Whigs, consisted of unobstructed action according to our will within limits defined by the equal rights of others. Liberty, as the FDA operationally defines it, consists of action according to our will within limits defined by anti-competitive regulations….”

Read it all on Journal of Natural Food and Health

Washington Post reports on the story: “Raw milk advocates have a cow on Capitol Hill”

Photo and poll results from Washington Post story. Click image to go to WP story.


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3 responses to “Capitol hill rally in support of raw milk

  1. actually, the building in the background of the photo is the Capitol – with an ‘o’ rather than an ‘a’. Why that matter is because the proper spelling is short for “capitoleum’ … a temple dedicated to Zeus = the pantheon of the gods of the ancient Roman religion.
    People in Ham-merica delude themselves, thinking their country was constituted as a Republic, when its controllers carved their boasts in stone, everywhere in its offices.
    Those bundles of rods, bound with ligatures on each side of the chair of the Speaker’s chair in the Senate … the very symbol of fascism back to ancient Rome … Oh, just a co-incidence, nothing to worry about.
    the engine of the Campaign for REAL MILK is white people, remembering our racial heritage, the Bible. Our opponents are those who put the state in place of the true God. Get you-selves ready, Christians : Comes now the dark night, when no man can work

  2. thebovine

    Thanks Gordon. Fixed now.

  3. The government’s control of our food supply and choice of supplier is out of control and is hamstringing entrepreneurs everywhere.

    I just started a business growing herbs. I can sell live herbs, but I may not dry them and sell them as food unless I have an approved and inspected facility. Nope, can’t dry my herbs in an extra bedroom and package them for sale.

    Crazy, the things the FDA concerns itself with.

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