Chocolate milk soon to be “verboten” in Florida public school cafeteria menus

From Denise-Marie Balona, in the Orlando Sentinel:

Chocolate milk is the latest food to be banned from Florida schools

“The Board of Education has agreed to move forward on a plan to eliminate sugary beverages and make Florida the first state in the nation to ban chocolate milk in public schools.

Board member John Padget, a former schools superintendent from South Florida, has been pressing his colleagues for a year to cut out most beverages besides water, pure juice and white, low-fat milk to help fight childhood obesity.

High schools would be allowed to sell some types of diet sodas and some other low-calorie, low-sugar drinks.

Although board members tabled the issue last spring — most said they preferred to wait to see if the federal government would take the lead on the issue — they decided Tuesday to ask doctors and researchers for their opinions.

Then, they said, they’ll have a more in-depth discussion at their next meeting on Dec. 17.

“When you think about it, we probably have a million overweight or obese children in our schools,” Padget said. “I think the clock is ticking in terms of personal health.”

One reason the board chose to move forward was the realization that the federal government make take years to revamp its rules on what foods should and shouldn’t be allowed to be sold in elementary-, middle- and high schools.

Also, board members learned that the Washington D.C. school district recently announced it is cutting out flavored milk, which tends to be high in sugar.

On Tuesday, an official from the National Association of State Boards of Education urged the Florida Board of Education to make changes now.

“Otherwise your kindergarteners will be in fifth grade before they see any changes,” said Elizabeth Walker, director of the agency’s Center for Safe and Healthy Schools.

Read the whole story on the Orlando Sentinel.

Now if I could just remember where that graphic came from… perhaps some reader will have seen it around and could post a link to its source in the comments. Thanks!


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3 responses to “Chocolate milk soon to be “verboten” in Florida public school cafeteria menus

  1. Why ban chocolate milk if it is good quality milk? I deliver low-temperature pasteurized/non-homogenized milk, and raw milk. All from local farms.

    Ed Hartz
    The Milkman

  2. The cartoon is a bit over-the-top, no?

    Keeping something out of the schools is a far cry from making it generally unavailable — like raw milk.

    But what do I know — I think I went through twelve grades without ever consuming a school lunch. I used to trade the fruit in my home-packed lunch for candy and cookies and potato chips — when I could find a taker.

    So yea, let’s get the sugar out of the schools. If parents want their kids to have junk food, let them either eat it at home, or send it in with them.

    A particularly diabolical partnership is with vending machines that kick-back a portion of sales to the schools. Those should be banned!

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