Plans to make the internet like cable TV


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4 responses to “Plans to make the internet like cable TV

  1. This is news to so many of us. It is all about control. The ones with all the money and so called power want this to happen. The internet as it is now is a threat to their existence because we are free to speak here and the word moves so fast that so many of us do not have to be in the dark. They want us in the dark. When you see the Milkman riding today with flags waving; this is to symbolize our patriotism and stand we take for freedom, free trade, local farming, etc.. We will spread the word now. Thanks for the news. This is serious.

    Milkmen USA

  2. thebovine

    The recreation of the internet in the mould of cable TV would be the death of all that’s really valuable about the internet — the freedom of minority opinions and independent media.

    Must check out Jonathan Zittrain’s book “The Future of the Internet and How to Stop it”. I suspect he’s talking about the same sort of things. I think he’s a prof at Princeton’s “Centre for Information Technology Policy”.

    Meanwhile, do as these folks suggest — talk to your ISP and your politicians and tell them Net Neutrality is vital to our future.

  3. Michael Bruno

    we do not have rights, we have priviledges and the socialist government the American people voted in is taking them away. We can only blame ourselves

  4. I need to convince the wife that all we need is online and not to pay comcast each month. I think I did that last night, seeing that both of us don’t watch tv that much shes seems to be ok with the fact that all our shows will be recorded just as they are now or we can watch them in realtime. How is it working for you?

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