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“No right to any particular food” says FDA as their campaign against the food movement racks up yet more casualties

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“…But as much of a marketing education bonanza as the FDA’s campaign is turning out to be, the other side of the coin is that the FDA and its state cronies are wrecking lives and winning legal cases…and becoming ever more emboldened. They just scored a win in Wisconsin, where an appeals court judge rejected Max Kane’s appeal of his contempt-of-court conviction. (He says he plans to appeal, and in the meantime, is providing nutritional health consulting services to help pay his legal expenses.)

In Missouri, state Milk Board officials are seeking to hold Morningland Dairy’s owners in contempt of court after they refused efforts by state officials to search their farm; they refused in part because there was no warrant, and the case against them, which they lost earlier this year, is under appeal; a hearing is scheduled in two weeks on the contempt case. Continue reading


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Fox News on “Raw Milk Returns..”

From Fox Foodie, by Elena Ferretti:

Photo via Fox Foodie

“The recent re-emergence of raw, unpasteurized milk into Americans’ diet could potentially do one of two things. It could reintroduce “nature’s perfect food” to a new generation. Or it could bring back the bad old days when drinking a glass of raw milk was like playing Russian roulette at breakfast.

Raw milk was often caused outbreaks of various diseases before it began to be routinely pasteurized in the 1920s. “I’m concerned about what makes peoples sick,” says the CDC’s Robert Tauxe, M.D., Deputy Director of the Division of Foodborne, Waterborne and Environmental Diseases. Simply put he says, “We know it makes people sick.” Continue reading

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E. coli O104:H4 disaster rocks Germany

From Alan Cowell and William Neuman of the New York Times, via theStar.ca:

A machine destroys iceberg lettuce on a field near Cappeln, Germany, as investigators continue to seek the source of an E. coli bacterial outbreak. Photo: CARMEN JASPERSEN/EPA

“BERLIN—An unusually lethal strain of E. coli bacteria has infected more than 1,500 people in Germany, mystifying public health officials, ravaging Spain’s agricultural heartland, and touching off panic in Europe as people weighed whether it was safe to eat raw vegetables.

The source of the outbreak, similar to the bacteria involved in the Walkerton, Ont., tragedy 11 years ago, remained unknown. It has killed at least 16 people, 15 in Germany and a Swede who visited there recently. Continue reading


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Ex Hunny Do Ranch cowshare member files complaint with Northern Health

Gordon Watson reports on a troubling raw milk development in B.C.:

One of the cowshares in BC is having difficulty with a former shareholder. I’m publishing this so that if the situation becomes a pretext for demonizing REAL MILK, you have some facts with which to think for yourself, and form your own opinion Lesley McConnachie was the Agister, looking after 7 cows for shareholders who live around Prince George British Columbia.

In the 2 past years as wonderful fresh whole raw milk flowed from grass-fed cows, no-one got sick from it. In fact, there were many reports from grateful shareholders of their health improving. Some consider their milk as vital medicine. Lately, the Agister got in a bit of a wrangle about the share fee not being returned timely. According to the message she received – set out below – the man has complained to Northern Health Authority that milk he’d obtained from the cowshare made him sick. Continue reading

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