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Fox news reports that the new strain of E.coli (O104:H4) which ravaged Europe is now reaching the United States

Fox news reports:

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“Health officials said Thursday three people in the United States are suspected to have fallen ill from E. coli bacteria after traveling to Germany where the mystery outbreak has led to the deaths of 18 people and sickened at least 1,600. Continue reading


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“Ag Gag” bills face tough row to hoe

From Tom Laskowy on Grist, via Activist Post:

The sort of thing THEY don't want you to see. Wiki Image Photo via Activist Post

“Big Ag is having trouble installing its Iron Curtain. I am referring, of course, to the various “ag-gag” laws proposed in Florida, Minnesota, and Iowa that would make it illegal to produce (and, in some cases, possess) undercover videos from within factory livestock farms. The latest state legislature to pursue this dubious goal is New York’s — but the fate of ag-gaggery in other states makes success in the Empire State seem unlikely. Continue reading

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Government seen to be “over-reacting” to the magnitude of the raw milk danger

Chris Freind, on Newsmax.com:

“Sorry to disappoint, but the presidential election may prove anti-climatic, since it appears the federal government has solved all its problems.

Why? Well, based on all the resources the feds are putting into the eradication of a mammoth problem, one that strikes fear in the heart of citizens, it would seem its other troubles have been resolved. It’s an issue of such importance that pollsters surely find it at the top of every survey: The production, sale, and voluntary consumption of raw milk.

The threat is so great that armed federal officials find it necessary to routinely raid farms that produce that product. And rightly so, since the incidence of bovine malfeasance has obviously surpassed that of drug dealers, child predators, and murderers. Continue reading

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