Michael Schmidt’s “back from Europe” report from Prague, part 1

Glencolton Farms was blessed in the last two weeks with grade 3 students, home schoolers, grade nine students and the adult education students from the Steiner Center in Toronto

This just in from Ontario raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt:

We just got out of Europe before they grounded the airplanes because of volcanic ashes. Toooo bad.

The culture of food in Europe once again keeps amazing me every time I cross the pond.

The raw milk conference in Prague was part of the first international conference on Quality and Safety of organic food.

Sponsored partially by the Czech Republic and many well respected institutions this conference was well attended by Scientists, doctors, policy consultants and the food industry.

The approach to look objectively at a variety of issues in regards to the beneficial nutritional effects of raw milk from a scientific perspective was refreshing to say the least.

The basic tone at the conference was: let’s look with today’s technology at raw milk and explore why there is growing empirical evidence that raw milk has substantial benefits.

The much debated risk factor was not ignored or neglected but put into the proper context of the overall risk assessment of all foods.

The drastic  increase in allergies and asthma in children as well as rashes and digestive problems have caught the attention of the medical community in Europe.

Fortunately extensive research has been done recently and is under way to get a better handle on the difference in the health of those children having access to farm and raw milk and those living removed from real food and in an enviroment too clean in order to develop a proper immune system.

Doctors, researchers, scientists and also Government employees from all over Europe presented their findings in an athmosphere of genuine interest trying to explore the subject of a truly miracle food: Raw milk

More to follow shortly.


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One response to “Michael Schmidt’s “back from Europe” report from Prague, part 1

  1. We think it would be good for us to see the effects of raw milk inside the human body verses those of commercially farmed milks, pasteurized, etc. Has someone already done this? Where?

    Jeffrey Smith in a recent lecture series in Connecticut showed what GMO’s are doing inside our bodies. They are killing us. It is almost as though that this is the plan. To kill us. Jeffrey Smith is the author of “SEEDS OF DECEPTION.” And another great book, “Genetic Roulette, The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods.”

    Get to the real science of this and show what goes on inside the Human body with absorption, digestion, heart, lungs, brain tissues, neurology, blood quality, etc. when raw milk enters the body as compared to the junk milk and dairy made by commercial farms.

    Can anyone answer this and please send The Milkman a note? email to: THE MILKMAN COMPANY@earthlink.net. Let David Gumpert know about this. david do you know if this information and study exist for us all to read about? If we missed it then others sure have. Thanks.

    Milkmen USA

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