37% of Toronto’s front line health care workers got the flu vaccine last winter

From a Toronto Star  editorial titled “Hospital staff must get flu shots”:

“Frontline health-care workers across Ontario — and especially in Toronto — are endangering their patients by neglecting to obtain a flu shot. If anyone should know better, it’s these people. And their failure is inexcusable.

The latest data are in a report going to the Toronto Board of Health on Tuesday, and it reveals a situation that’s getting worse, not better. According to health experts, at least 70 per cent of health-care workers should be vaccinated annually against influenza. But figures for the most recent 2010-2011 flu season show that Toronto’s acute-care hospitals are barely halfway there, with a median staff immunization rate of just 37 per cent. The rate is 42 per cent for similar facilities across Ontario.

That’s the lowest rate in the past four years, both in Toronto and across the province. Rather than waking up to the danger posed by influenza spreading in an acute-care setting and taking effective steps to reduce that risk, the province, hospital administrators and health-care workers are failing to protect the public.

Not all are at fault, of course. Thousands of responsible hospital workers get their shots each year. And some major Toronto hospitals do far better than others. For example, the University Health Network’s Toronto Western Hospital registered a staff immunization rate of 65 per cent, followed by Toronto General Hospital with 60 per cent. But some of the city’s largest hospitals — including Mount Sinai and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre — had just 35 per cent or lower.

Ordinary Ontarians did better, with 38 per cent of the population getting a flu shot this season….”

Read it all on theStar.ca

Of course, the position of the Star’s editorial writer is that these health care workers had better start doing their duty by getting vaccinated, or else maybe they’ll be forced to do so by legislation.

Didn’t they try forcing health care workers to get vaccinated in New York a couple of years ago, on threat of losing their jobs, and it just ended up providing more publicity for the fact that so many health care workers are not buying the official assurances that the vaccine in question was safe and effective.

I don’t know how the Star editorial writer can not realize that this is not a matter of laziness, it’s a matter of a lack of confidence in the drug companies and their products, from people who’ve had more than the usual  amount of experience seeing how these kind of drugs work out for others.


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5 responses to “37% of Toronto’s front line health care workers got the flu vaccine last winter

  1. Royce Hamer

    When you are not stupid then the law steps in to force you to do something that you know is ineffective at best and dangerous to life in worst case. My personal experience with flu shots is not good and I will not have one again due to severe reaction. Maybe they should keep some MMS on hand and learn how to use it from the Genesis II Church of health and healing. Deadly to pathogens and harmless to healthy tissue if administered properly. Also the institutions can install a Hydrogen Peroxide mister to keep the place clear of germs. Solutions are inexpensive but not used.

  2. Raoul

    It is obvious that the Toronto Star (and most big city papers ) is incapable of reporting anything other than the STATUS QUO when it comes to health and vaccination matters. This could be for several reasons:
    a) They don’t want to lose advertising dollars from Big Pharma . As the alternative treatment providers probably do not even contribute 1% of the ad money they receive from Big Pharma/ Big Government.
    b) The don’t want to be sued for providing info on positive low-cost remedies not approved by Health Canada . They have therefore nothing to gain from “leading the pack”.
    c) They truly believe Allopathic treatments in the form of drugs, vaccinations, chemotherapy and radiaton are the “road to salvation “. They simply don’t know better so they follow the herd like everyone else.
    d) Fear and crises sell more newspapers than solutions and positivity
    e) A combination of ALL of the above.

    I doubt it is a particularly conspiratorial agenda. Ironically , I would not be surprised if the majority of the people who work for the Toronto Star do not get themselves and their families vaccinated either !

  3. Gordon S Watson

    if anyone has a good handle on the situation on the ground / in the wards, it’d be the front-line workers. They see the adverse reactions to vaccination and have to deal with the fallout … thus, their own sense of self-preservation tells them NOT to allow their bodies to be injected with monkey-pus / the remains of aborted babies + God-only-knows-what-else is in those toxic concoctions
    similarly : one of the other sacred cows of mainstream media is belied by those who labor in its vinyard. The lame-stream media relentlessly preach multi-cultural-ism, but take a look at the annual Xmass photo of the staff at those founts of all wisdom … conspicuously lacking in non-white content!

  4. Will

    The paper might want to know that the vaccines they are pushing on people contain and fertility impairing ingredient that the pharmaceutical industry is so excited about, it patented it, wanting to get in there first to make money harming people.

    A patent on “A Fertility Impairing Vaccine”.

    Which vaccines?

    Should those exposed to this planned damage sue the jobs that forced this on them? Or just protest outside those hospitals, embarrassed their board and lowering people’s trust in them?

    Gates is invested in the same drive to reduce fertility and very excited about these new vaccines.

    But perhaps what people might be most interested in is that 23 of the new vaccines are genetically engineered. They use aborted fetuses cells and a pharma scientist says the body goes berserk rejecting foreign human protein which may be why these vaccines are linked to autism. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-31727_162-20049118-10391695.html

    Take you pick – infertility, autism, other diseases, Guillaume Barre, narcolepsy, and even death – but one thing is sure, the flu shots have been proven entirely worthless for stopping the flu. And the H1N1 pandemic was a fake anyway – the CDC lied about the cases http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/10/24/CBS-Reveals-that-Swine-Flu-Cases-Seriously-Overestimated.aspx and is hiding the number of miscarriages from the public. http://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2010/09/22/cdc-allegedly-falsifies-reports-ignoring-up-to-3587-miscarriages-from-h1n1-vaccine/

    One would think hospitals would research such things and the worthlessness of the vaccines http://www.lakelandtimes.com/main.asp?SectionID=9&SubSectionID=9&ArticleID=12400
    before forcing them on anyone, given the known risks. http://politics4all.com/users/mikedavis/blog/3715-cdc-states-h1n1-vaccine-may-maim-and-kill-30-000-americans

  5. Just curious how many people from the vaccine making pharma company got a flu shot?

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